Sportpesa Mega Jackpot and Sportpesa midweek jackpot status update

With Sportpesa back in operation, many gamblers have been asking whether the two jackpots are back on offering.

Being the most popular of all jackpots in the country, punters are salivating. The midweek pot starts at Kshs 10,000,000 and continues increasing every week until it is won. The mega jackpot which is wildly popular starts at Kshs 100,000,000 and also grows every week. By the time Sportpesa were mid closing last year, the pot had grown to an astonishing Kshs 300,000,000.

The allure of bonuses is also too attractive to pass up the jackpots. Punters trust Sportpesa and with negative, experiences with other betting firms, they can’t wait to get back trying Sportpesa jackpots.

So the golden question everyone is asking; when will the Sportpesa mega and midweek jackpots be back?

 We put this question to Sportpesa and they informed us that their analysts are still looking at the matches and will update them in the coming weeks.

Having just got back in business, we obviously don’t expect the giant betting firm to offer the mega jackpot immediately. Our source also intimated that it won’t take long. December perhaps? we shall wait.

At multibet, we will definitely be offering the mega jackpot predictions and midweek jackpot predictions immediately they are back. Just like we used to, our target will always be the tantalizing bonuses that we used to win every other week. Stay tuned.


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Sportpesa mega jackpot 2021

Account Management

It’s been almost four months since the beloved Sportpesa mega jackpot was suspended in line with the suspension of sportpesa’s betting licenses which has impacted a large number of punters.

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Sportpesa mega jackpot is one of the most popular if not the most popular jackpot on offer in kenya. Its major competitors are shabiki jackpots and Betika mabingwa jackpot but as we have come to learn their offerings are not up to par to the mighty Sportpesa mega jackpot 2021.

Although the two main contenders offer a simple start off pot of KES 100 million similar to what sportpesa offers, their pots do not grow week on week if there is no winner as compared to sportpesa’s jackpot pot that grows by KES 10 Million every week if there is no winner. This is what made/makes sportpesa mega jackpot so popular and it is what enables them to retain their punters over a long period of time.

Sports betting deals in hope where a young man or woman with not much going for them can all of a sudden become a multi-millionaire by simply predicting the outcome of few weekend football matches correctly and there is no other entity that knows how to cultivate and profit from this market of hope than sportpesa.

The additional advantage that sportpesa has over all the other KES 100 million jackpots is that punters have actually witnessed multiple individuals walking away with these millions, ordinary individuals from humble backgrounds whose lives all of a sudden become real life fairy tales.

As you can see we have placed a countdown timer with anticipation of the return of sportpesa which we hope will happen within the next 30 days. They have been fortunate to receive a clearance from the Kenya revenue authority and are now seeking a renewal of their betting licenses from the betting and licensing board.

According to information online it takes on average 30 days from application to issuance of public gaming license by the betting license and control board. Sportpesa announced that they had been cleared by the Kenya revenue authority on the 3rd of September 2019 and if we assume it will take them 30 days or so to get back their license then we are hopeful that they should be back to operation by the first week of October 2019.

Why we believe sportpesa is the most reliable of all the betting sites:


We never thought that an entity could tamper or dilute odds in an effort to reduce their losses but according to multiple persons on various social media platforms it appears that some of the betting sites currently operational might be short changing some of the customers.


Sportpesa is synonymous with prompt payouts as the most beloved congratulation message usually lands on your inbox minutes after the conclusion of a game or a multibet and your funds are as well immediately available to do as you would like with them. Can the same be said about the platforms currently in operation?


Sportpesa seems to be the king of big bonus payouts and you cannot miss their social media updates on weekly bonus payouts. Their jackpots might be among the most challenging but they are usually worth the effort for those who win hefty bonuses.


Have you ever done some research, wrote down the game ids of the games selected then forgot to place them but still interested to know how they turned out? Well it appears that only sportpesa offers you a capability to check match results after the fact. Other betting sites should should take a leaf of this strategy as it usually ensures that you have high traffic on your site and makes it easier to convert that traffic into paying customers.



Brand strength:

Sportpesa was the first and is now the mighty and as you can imagine its capitalization allows them the capability to payout out large wins every week without the fear that the entity will collapse. With a maximum payout of KES 1,500,000 you can imagine that they get hit quite a bit but their fat bank accounts enable them to consistently with stand such hits.

Why we love the sportpesa mega jackpot as compared to the other jackpots

The sportpesa mega jackpot It grows, it grows, it grows:

Have you ever had that dream where you lived in that house that you want and drive that car you’ve only seen with corrupt politicians and unscrupulous tycoons well the mega jackpot gives punters a similar feeling of euphoria with its weekly growth towards the unimaginable.

What would you do with KSH 239 Million? That is the question every punter asks themselves every week

Sportpesa mega jackpot provides Lucrative bonus payouts:

You don’t have to win the whole shebang in order to make multiple millions in sportpesa mega jackpot. Those who are able to correctly predict over 14 games correctly stand a chance at winning bonuses valued up to KES 20 Million.

Analytics tool offered on sportpesa:

Ironically sportpesa offers an analysis platform for all games offered on the mega jackpot. Meaning they give you access to some data for free that you can use to assess the possible outcome of the games on offer.

You are allowed to Double chance options on sportpesa mega jackpot:

If you have the money to invest in increasing your chances of a win sportpesa mega jackpot allows you to place 7 games out of 17 games as double, chances. Betika provides a similar option of placing double chances.

Multibet provides well analyzed and highly confident sportpesa mega jackpot predictions every week.

Your chance to a bonus is as easy as subscribing to our jackpot package and you will receive the sportpesa mega jackpot predictions via sms.

Withholding tax:potential impact on sportpesa mega jackpot and shabiki power 13 jackpot

It is official that sports betting companies that are currently operational are now complying with the withholding taxes to be levied on winnings.The government stands to gain a whopping 20% of any winnings made through sports betting.This accounts for a hefty contribution to KRA’s annual tax collection targets assuming there are wins.

According to an article done on Citizen TV website the current shortfall from the lack of remittance of withholding tax by the sports betting companies has greatly contributed to a shortfall in collections against KRA collection targets.

So what does this mean for sportpesa mega jackpot as well as shabiki power 13 jackpot?

Sportpesa mega jackpot regularly has weekly bonus winners who win between KES 3000 and KES 12,000,000 when one achieves over 12 correct predictions out of the 17 games offered.

If you take an average bonus at KES 50,000 it means that the government would stand to gain on average KES 10,000 for a majority of the bonus wins and if Abisai or Ogada who both won over KES 200 Million had been met with the taxman then their winnings would have shrunk by approximately KES 40 Million.

If we drill further and work with the numbers shared by sportpesa where they collect in excess of KES 20B a year from their customers and we assume that winners account for even 10% of that revenue then the government stands to gain in excess of KES 400 Million from sportpesa alone annually.

Shabiki power 13 jackpot currently offers a guaranteed walk away of KES 10 Million every week meaning they stand to benefit the government with KES 4 Million every week,KES 16 Million every Month and KES 192 Million every year from their Jackpot alone.And with Shabiki now introducing a mid-week jackpot as well the taxman will be all smiles with a KES 384 Million contribution from a single company.

Extrapolate that across the industry and the government stands to gain extensively hence the current ongoing battles between the government and the betting industry.There are approximately 33 online sports betting firms in Kenya and this small group is a very easy avenue for the taxman to collect a very large chunk of change.

Now that the government is taxing us further what should be our expectations?

The betting industry and specifically sportpesa have made great contributions towards the sports community with their large sponsorships of football and rugby in Kenya.This has alleviated a large burden from the government who have enjoyed a fantastic growth in sports with honestly mediocre support to the sports community.

This withholding tax collections should be solely geared towards growing our sports community with investments starting from sports infrastructures in schools to creating an environment where sports as a profession is viable.We cannot fight this tax but we can hold this government that appears to have a tendency to misplace Billions of OUR Shillings consistently accountable.

sportpesa mega jackpot prediction – 2021

sportpesa mega jackpot prediction – 2021

If you are fun of football and sports betting then you definitely know sportpesa’s crown jewel the sportpesa mega jackpot that provides football/sports betting enthusiasts with a chance to be overnight millionaires.

On the line this week is KES 236,000,000 for anyone with the luck, the acumen to accurately analyze and correctly predict the 17 football matches that sportpesa mega jackpot comprises of.

To many who have tried and failed to crack the sportpesa mega jackpot it appears to be an impossibility and a waste of time and money but is it really?

Can the sportpesa mega jackpot be cracked and if the answer is yes then how do you go about achieving some semblance of success and be the lucky few who do actually become overnight millionaires?

I have been chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow and what i have come to learn is that it may be easier to target the bonuses offered with are easy to grasp low-hanging fruits than it is to try and win the whole shebang.

How do I go about winning the bonuses on offer you may ask?

I will not lie and say it is easily achieved but I will go ahead and show you the formula I use to pick some of these low-hanging bonuses a couple of times a year.

Steps I take:

Step 1: I set a target of the bonus I am aiming for and most of the time the target is usually 13/17 to 14/17. The reason I choose this band of bonuses is so that when I have a mishap lady luck my grace my analysis booth and gift me 12/17 which at times provides a bonus of up to KES 25,000

Step 2:Now that I have my target in my sights I now have to figure out how to crack the puzzle that is a 17 game multibet for the mega jackpot is actually a multibet consisting of 17 games. The great aspect about this 17 game multibet is that you are given a chance to lose 5 games and still come out with some cash in your betting account wallet

Step 3:Of all the 17 games offered on sportpesa mega jackpot statistically you will not miss 5 or six games that have a direct meaning through some research on historical data you may be able to correctly predict these games. These are what we call the anchor games and those that we undertake extensive research on to ensure that we get them correctly. Once your anchor games go through you are almost guaranteed a bonus. Be keen on your research when it comes to these games.

Step 4:Once you have your five or six anchor games you are on your way to a bonus and you require an additional 7 or 8 games to work out for you to win the bonus. There is no sure way of accurately predicting these 7 or 8 games that we will call the support games as you have already sieved out the anchor games which account for your mostly certain predictions. The trick here is to use hedging which simply means creating 3 to 5 sportpesa mega jackpot slips all having similar predictions for your anchor games but having variable predictions for your 7 or 8 support games. Now the support game predictions should not be random but rather based on some sort of research that should give you a double chance idea of where the game will lean towards and these double chances are what should be used mostly with one slip left for what we call the outside chance meaning the most unlikely 3-way outcome

What do I mean by this? see below

ANCHOR 1 1 1 1 1 1
SUPPORT 2 1 X 2 X 1
SUPPORT 4 1 2 2 X 1
SUPPORT 5 2 2 1 1 X
SUPPORT 6 X X 2 2 1
ANCHOR 7 2 2 2 2 2
SUPPORT 8 2 1 X 1 2
ANCHOR 9 1 1 1 1 1
UNDECIDED 10 1 2 1 2 1
SUPPORT 11 2 2 X X 1
ANCHOR 12 1 1 1 1 1
SUPPORT 13 X 1 2 X 1
UNDECIDED 14 2 1 2 1 2
UNDECIDED 16 1 X 1 X 1
SUPPORT 17 1 2 1 X 2

Step 5:Once you have concluded the above steps you will be then left with three or four games that you have not yet predicted. Go random on these based on the odds assigned meaning using the two lowest odd offering for odds are a reflection of the bookie’s risk matrix. We can do this because 3 games account for 18% of the games and as such the random selection will have very little influence on the outcome but most often than not one or two of these games will go your way because the random selections based on odds still account for the 3-way probabilities.

Step 4: Now let’s talk about money mathematics. You actually don’t need to win a bonus every weekend to make money on sportpesa mega jackpot.

For example, if you got 12/17 on last week’s mega jackpot you would have won a bonus of KES 21,522 and you had used a stake of KES 500 for the five slips then it means you now have the capability to play the sportpesa mega jackpot for the next 40 weeks. This means you mostly need about two to four wins a year to be profitable when you average 12/17 and when you average 13/17 which was KES 112,127 you just need one to two wins a year and you can be among the few sports betting enthusiasts who profit from sportpesa and in turn the mega jackpot.

It may not be easy but it is doable and with multibet Kenya’s advanced methodologies that leverage algorithms and technology you stand a chance at a bonus this weekend

FREE Sportpesa mega jackpot predictions

Ilves Tampere   vs   HJK Helsinki Draw
KPV Kokkola   vs    Seinajoen JK Away win
VPS Vaasa   vs    Lahti Draw
Wisla Krakow    vs   Slask Wroclaw Away win
GKS Piast Gliwice  vs  Lech Poznan Draw
 FC Rostov   vs   Spartak Moscow Draw
 San Luis   vs   UNAM Pumas Away win
CF Pachuca  vs   Club Leon Away win
 Club America   vs   CF Monterrey Home win
Club Necaxa   vs  Cruz Azul Draw
Ural Yekaterinburg    vs    Akhmat Grozny Home win
Uerdingen   vs   Hallescher Home win
Mjallby   vs   Halmstads BK Home win
Zaglebie Lubin   vs   Cracovia Draw
Inter Turku   vs    Honka Home win
CS Studentesc Iasi   vs   Astra Giurgiu Home win
Dinamo Bucuresti   vs   CS U Craiova Away win

This Week Sportpesa Jackpot Prediction

We provide the best analysis of the sportpesa mega jackpot .Our inhouse analysts spend hundreds of hours researching and analysing the jackpot so that you can win the bonus


These five words “This week sportpesa jackpot prediction” are probably among the most discussed phrases among Kenya’s betting enthusiasts.The question is always “is there an art or science one can use that gives them better probabilities of getting a correct prediction or at least get a consolation prize of a few millions on the bonuses?” .The answer is yes.Through statistical analysis you can have a correct prediction of some or all of the sportpesa mega jackpot games

Before we delve into  sportpesa jackpot predictions   lets first define what the sportpesa mega jackpot is for those of us who are new to betting.

Sportpesa which is the largest football betting provider in Kenya in terms of market share has an offering where their customers stand to win Kenya shillings one hundred million if they are able to correctly predict the outcome of seventeen football matches.To make it more enticing they decided to increment the jackpot pool of cash by Kenya shillings five million every week if the jackpot is not won.As if that was not enough to make all Kenyans salivate over the possibility of being an instant millionaire they came up with snippets of winner-able consolation prizes called bonuses which if a bet placer is unable to get all seventeen games correctly they would still stand a chance to get a few millions or hundreds of thousands the closer they got to the whole shebang.

Winning probabilities:

As the saying goes the “house always wins” sportpesa are not fools and have in fact investment a lot of technology and specialized man power to ensure that the mega jackpot is among the hardest guesses that you will ever make.

With seventeen games and three possibilities per game you are looking at a winning probability of three outcomes to the power seventeen games which comes to ….. am unable to write this in words so i will just express myself numerically comes to a probability of 1 in 129140163 chances of winning meaning if you were to use cave man style of betting you would need to invest ksh 100 times the number of chances meaning it would cost you in excess of twelve billion Kenya shillings to win one hundred million Kenya shillings.Seems impossible to win it right but wait so far it has been won by five individuals of which two instances a single person walked away with over two hundred million Kenya shillings.

Why winning the sportpesa mega jackpot is challenging 

The simple fact beyond the fact that the probabilities of the offering favors the house is that the games chosen as part of the jackpot collective are from volatile leagues such as the lower leagues of England and that a common character for all matches chosen is that both teams usually have similar form which makes it harder to predict the outcome of each match and that is why the jackpot game outcomes are always riddled with draws.

So how did they do it?

Strategic betting:

How do you go about winning the most coveted prize money in the history of Kenyan gambling? Well you first have to come up with a strategy.

Steps of the strategy:

1.Target the bonuses then the whole pie

The sportpesa mega jackpot bonuses start from twelve correctly predicted games and increment up to sixteen correctly predicted games at which point you are talking about winning a few millions.

It is hard enough correctly predicting seventeen games why not cut up the pie into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow instead of trying to eat it as a whole and end up choking.

Start with a target of getting the best twelve matches that are easier to analyzed and whose outcomes have some level of predictability.Concentrate all your energy in assessing this matches,the individual teams,their recent form,the outcome of their recent encounters,what they stand to gain or losses on the match,are the stars injured,are they good at home or away,is it a derby,are they nemesis,did they a recently buy from their opponents and so on.

Dig deep into these twelve teams and come up with a synopsis based on statistics and trends and then set these as your anchors.The advantage with the sportpesa mega jackpot is that the games are always posted on Mondays while the games kickoff on the coming saturday giving you plenty of time to exercise your research muscles and efficiently utilize your data bundles.

Once you have your choice of twelve games then you can slowly build up the remaining five with the time left over.The advantage with this methodology is that as you focus on fewer games you end up with solid analysis that increase your chances of a win.

2.Keep track of all matches you have analyzed.

If you haven’t noticed sportpesa’s analytical geniuses are in love with the English lower leagues and it is almost impossible to find a roaster of mega jackpot games that does not consist of at least fifty percent of lower league games.

This provides an advantage in that a majority of each week’s games consist of the same teams who have probably played against each other a couple of times which gives you the hindsight of trends.Statistics do not lie and as such if you can establish a trend then you are in a better position to effectively predict outcomes.

3.Luck and some guess work

Not all of it is statistics some of it is just sheer luck and intelligent guess work.Never ignore your gut feeling because at times it is the difference between you getting twelve out of seventeen games or getting eleven out of seventeen games.So as you undertake your extensive analysis also factor in some element of gut feeling and especially after some time spent in generating trends.You can as well exercise your gut emotion muscles by staking the mid week jackpot ever so often to see how you fair as you chase the holy grail.

Remember that gambling has its associated risks so never stake with cash that you are not willing to loose.Happy hunting fellow game prediction enthusiast.

Try out our well analysed this week sportpesa mega jackpot prediction here