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Site age 8 years
Monthly profit $100
Monthly expensenses $0
Page views 10,000 per month

About the website

This is a multi-revenue online business within the ever growing Kenya’s sports betting niche.
I created this business in 2017 and it has since become an industry leader in the online sports
betting niche and has been consistently profitable for 8 years!

Some key facts

Established 2017
Highest trafficked sports tipping website in Kenya in 2018
Lifetime traffic of 1 million visitors
Lifetime revenue over $15,000
Lots of opportunity to grow
Multiple income streams


I started multibet in 2017 and we quickly grew into the biggest soccer tipping site in the country .
We continue to hold an active base of punters who receive our free advice on a daily basis.
Our income streams include clients who buy our tips and advertisers who place articles and banners on the site.
We have built a solid brand in the industry.

How we acquire customers
-Purely organic reach
The site curretly avarages 4000 unique visitors per month .


-Database of 50,000 phone numbers for customers who have previously purchased tips
-Aged Domain
-Brand recognition
-Database of customers who have placed articles and banners with us

2017 $ 200
2018 $ 100,000
2019 $ 30,000
2020 $ 5,000
2020 $ 2,000
2021 $ 5,000
2022 $ 2,000
2023 $ 1,800
2024 $

Scope for improvement

There are a number of opportunities to grow the business via avenues that we have fully not explored or persued eg heavy social media marketing ,SMS marketing,wider outreach and PPC on multiple platforms.
We did endure a period of using Google Adwords to increase traffic and leads however Google decided to ban any gambling related ads,which resulted in lower subscriber acquisition   .We have also not invested in SEO for the last three years and thus the traffic and income dwidle

Reason for sale
I started this business solely on my own from nothing and run it over the last 8 years.I feel it is the right time for me to pass
it to a new owner or introduce ashareholder as I’m pursuing another business venture within the property market.

Asking USD 5,000

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