Account Management

Account Management

At Multibet we do account management for clients who are too busy to place bets and don’t want to buy tips or don’t know how to research.

How is it done?

You give us your log in credentials then we place bets on your behalf using our super accurate tips using our staking plan.

Who loads the account?

You load the account with a minimum stake of Kshs 200

Will you be placing the bets daily?

Tuesday –Sunday. Mondays are usually slow days in betting.

How many odds do you place ?

3 to 4 odds

Can I sign up any time?

Absolutely. You can start any day of the week

How much can I make per week?

The higher stake you start with the more you will make. If you load your account with Kshs 100, we you will have Kshs 3,000 to Kshs 5,000 after 7 days

Can you withdraw the money?

Betting accounts are secure and no one can steal your money. Funds go to you Mpesa and it is virtually impossible to lose your money. So your money is safe as only you can withdraw your funds.

How much do you charge?

-Sign up Kshs 400 to start the account management

-Subsequent payment of Kshs 500 which you pay at the begining of each week .

Why cant you wait for payment after the end of the week ?

The 400 shillings is the service charge  to enable us start the account management .From our experience ,some clients are not serious and after placing the bets for a few days ,they change their account passwords and lock us out or refuse to pay after a week of hard work .The service charge separates those who are serious from jokers

What if you don’t make any money for me?

We have never made a loss so it is highly unlikely that we will make a loss

 Does it include the jackpots?

Should your account be on Sportpesa, we will place our must win bonus slips for mega jackpot on your behalf. This is only for those who are on Sportpesa. If your account is on Betika, Betway, Odibet, Sportybet or any other, we will not place their jackpot as we only research the Sportpesa mega Jackpot.


  • Go to Lipa na Mpesa
  • Go to Pay Bill
  • Enter PAYBILL NUMBER 553491
  • Enter account numberAM
  • Enter amount Kshs 400and confirm
  • Text your betting and login details to 0718981122
  • e. betika 0701XXXXXX PASSWORD 00012X
  • Sit back and watch us bet for you.