sportpesa mega jackpot prediction

Pay KES 99 to till 814607 to get MJP

Mega jackpot prediction

If you are fun of football and sports betting then you definitely know sportpesa’s crown jewel the sportpesa mega jackpot that provides football/sports betting enthusiasts with a chance to be over night millionaires.

On the line this week is KES 236,000,000 for anyone with the luck,acumen to accurately analyse and correctly predict the 17 football matches that sportpesa mega jackpot comprises of.

To many who have tried and failed cracking the sportpesa mega jackpot it appears to be an impossibility and a waste of time and money but is it really?

Can the sportpesa mega jackpot be cracked and if the answer is yes then how do you go about achieving some semblance of success  and be the lucky few who do actually become over night millionaires?

I have been chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow and what i have come to learn is that it may be easier to target the bonuses offered with are easy to grasp low hanging fruits than it is to try and win the whole shebang.

How do i go about winning the bonuses on offer you may ask?

I will not lie and say it is easily achieved but i will go ahead and show you the formula i use to pick some of this low hanging bonuses a couple of times a year.

Pay KES 99 to till 814607 to get MJP

Steps i take:

Step 1: I set target of the bonus i am aiming for and most of the time the target is usually 13/17 to 14/17.The reason i choose this band of bonuses is so that when i have a mishap lady luck my grace my analysis booth and gift me 12/17 which at times provides a bonus of upto KES 25,000

Step 2:Now that i have my target in my sights i now have to figure out how to crack the puzzle that is a 17 game multibet for the mega jackpot is actually a multibet consisting of 17 games.The great aspect about this 17 game multibet is that you are given a chance to loose 5 games and still come out some cash in your betting account wallet

Pay KES 99 to till 814607 to get MJP

Step 3:Of all the 17 games offered on sportpesa mega jackpot statistically you will not miss 5 or six games that have a direction meaning through some research on historical data you may be able to correctly predict these games.These are what we call the anchor games and those that we undertake extensive research on to ensure that we get them correctly.Once your anchor games go through you are almost guaranteed a bonus.Be keen on your research when it comes to these games.

Step 4:Once you have your five or six anchor games you are on your way to a bonus and you require an additional 7 or 8 games to work out for you to win the bonus.There is no sure way of accurately predicting these 7 or 8 games that we will call the support games as you have already sieved out the anchor games which account for your mostly certain predictions.The trick here is to use hedging which simply means creating 3 to 5 sportpesa mega jackpot slips all having similar predictions for your anchor games but having variable predictions for your 7 or 8 support games.Now the support game predictions should not be random but rather based on some sort of research that should give you an double chance idea of where the game will lean towards and these double chances are what should be used most with one slip left for what we call the outside chance meaning the most unlikely 3 way outcome

What do i mean by this? see below

ANCHOR 1 1 1 1 1 1
SUPPORT 2 1 X 2 X 1
SUPPORT 4 1 2 2 X 1
SUPPORT 5 2 2 1 1 X
SUPPORT 6 X X 2 2 1
ANCHOR 7 2 2 2 2 2
SUPPORT 8 2 1 X 1 2
ANCHOR 9 1 1 1 1 1
UNDECIDED 10 1 2 1 2 1
SUPPORT 11 2 2 X X 1
ANCHOR 12 1 1 1 1 1
SUPPORT 13 X 1 2 X 1
UNDECIDED 14 2 1 2 1 2
UNDECIDED 16 1 X 1 X 1
SUPPORT 17 1 2 1 X 2
Pay KES 99 to till 814607 to get MJP Pay KES 79 to till 814607 to get Mid-week

Step 5:Once you have concluded the above steps you will be then left with three or four games that you have not yet predicted.Go random on these based on the odds assigned meaning use the two lowest odd offering for odds are a reflection of the bookies risk matrix.We can do this because 3 games account for 18% of the games and as such the random selection will have very little influence of the outcome but most often than not one or two of these games will go your way because the random selections based on odds still account for the 3 way probabilities.

Step 4: Now lets talk about the money mathematics.You actually dont need to win a bonus every weekend to make money on sportpesa mega jackpot.

For example if you got 12/17 on last week’s mega jackpot you would have won a bonus of KES 21,522 and you had used a stake of KES 500 for the five slips then it means you now have the capability to play the sportpesa mega jackpot for the next 40 weeks.This means you mostly need about two to four wins a year to be profitable when you average 12/17 and when you average 13/17 which was KES 112,127 you just need one to two wins a year and you can be among the few sports betting enthusiasts who profit from sportpesa and in turn the mega jackpot.

Pay KES 99 to till 814607 to get MJP Pay KES 79 to till 814607 to get Mid-week

It may not be easy but it is doable and with multibet kenya’s advanced methodologies that leverage algorithms and technology you stand a chance at a bonus this weekend