www.multibet.co.ke is a Kenyan site that offer pay after win after a request by our customers

We want to teach Kenyans how to make money betting .

How much do you charge 

  • During the weekday IE Monday to Friday ,you pay Kshs. 50 only after you win .
  • During the weekend ,you pay Kshs. 100 only after you win .

What if I dont pay ?

We operate on a level of trust .We are the only site posting free accurate pay after tips .If a majority dont pay ,we will start asking for money before you get the tips

How many odds 

We dont want to be greedy .We do 2 odds during the weekday and 4  or 5 odds during the weekend.

If you follow our tips ,you will make a lot of money .


Please note that we are not a betting website.We are not in any way associated with Sportpesa or any other betting company .We only provide tips and predictions based on statistical data and only bet what you can afford to lose .Respect gaming laws of your jurisdiction .