Welcome to yet another SPORTPESA MEGAJACKPOT, POST-MATCH ANALYSIS – THE BREAKDOWN-5. We managed to get 7/17 correct predictions which were poor by our standards. There were close calls and stunning comebacks that threw some of the games off not to mention simply shocking results but in the end; we like to take on any loss as a challenge to do better. We may have had our poorest performance ever in the last week but this has only spurred us to dig even deeper to ensure that we bounce back in a huge way in this week’s sportpesa megajackpot. With that in mind, below is the breakdown of the results as well as an in-depth look at our research methodology in the hopes that with each loss we all gain a lesson that could potentially set us on our way back to the Sportpesa Megajackpot Bonus once again in the coming week.



Welcome to yet another SPORTPESA MEGAJACKPOT, POST-MATCH ANALYSIS – THE BREAKDOWN 2021. We managed to get 7/17 correct predictions which were poor by our standards. There were close calls and red cards that threw some of the games off not to mention a mind boggling total of 8 draws with 7 of them coming in the last 8 matches: but as always, we like to take on any loss as a challenge to do better. With that in mind, below is the breakdown of the results as well as an in-depth look at our research methodology in the hopes that with each loss we all gain a lesson that could potentially set us on our way back to the Sportpesa Mega jackpot Bonus once again in the coming week.




Welcome to yet another Sportpesa Megajackpot Post-Match Analysis. We managed to get 7/17 correct predictions which were poor by our standards. There were close calls and red cards that threw some of the games off not to mention simply shocking results but in the end; we like to take on any loss as a challenge to do better. With that in mind, below is the breakdown of the results as well as an in-depth look at our research methodology in the hopes that with each loss we all gain a lesson that could potentially set us on our way back to the Sportpesa Megajackpot Bonus promised land once again in the coming week.


Week 36 post MJP analysis

Welcome to yet another Sportpesa Megajackpot Post-Match Analysis. We managed to get 9/17 correct predictions which were poor by our standards. There were close calls and red cards that threw some of the games off. We may have had a below par performance in the last week but this has only spurred as to dig even deeper to ensure that we bounce back in a huge way in this week’s Sportpesa Megajackpot. With that in mind, below is the breakdown of the results as well as an in depth look of our research methodology in the hopes that with each loss we all gain more insight needed for us to improve in This Weeks’ Sportpesa Megajackpot.


Gillingham v Wimbledon

Our 1st Pick: 1

Result: 0-1

Joe Pigott’s fifth goal of the season was enough to earn AFC Wimbledon a 1-0 win over Gillingham, their first league victory since the opening game of the campaign.

It brought Wimbledon the three points they had deserved on the balance of play and was the only significant chance in a game that lacked quality or excitement.

James Hanson struck the bar from range in the first half, but neither keeper made a single save of note until Tom King turned away a 95th-minute free-kick from Luke O’Neill – the only time the home side had threatened to score.

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Sportpesa Predictions

Sportpesa Predictions

Properly managing your bankroll is one of the most important factors when attempting to successfully implementing our sportpesa predictions thereby guaranteeing a consistent winning streak. We highly recommend that you follow two standard rules which can help reduce your risk of ruin and maximize the effectiveness of thoroughly researched and solid sportpesa predictions.

Flat Betting

At multibet Kenya, we highly recommend that you employ a flat-betting system where your bet size is the same for each bet you place e.g. Kshs 250. by employing this Flat betting system while basing your picks on our sportpesa predictions, you will be able to ride the ups and downs of investing and minimise the chance of bleeding your account dry when our sportpesa predictions end up on the losing side. It’s important to remember that no site can guarantee you 100% wins however reputable and thus it’s crucial that you minimise your risks. Flat betting is one of the ways we recommend you use to mitigate any potential risks.

Odd Management when coming up with sportesa predictions

One of the most crucial aspects of betting are the odds.To high and they become unrealistic,too low and they are not profitable.The trick is to find a balance that is realistic and easily achievable.

Odds are mostly dictated by the markets you are playing which will in turn dictate the number of matches.Always work with as few games as possible and work with markets that have a 50% and above chance of success such as double chances or both teams to score.

We recommend that a multibet created from sportpesa predictions should have not more than 6 games and should have an average odd of not more than 10 odds for a higher chance of success.

Unit Size for bank roll management

While experienced investors sometimes bet 4%-5% of their entire bankroll per bet, we recommend that you take a more conservative approach. The high risk high reward is all well and good but, sportpesa predictions are just that, predictions. This is why we advise that you only use a unit size of 1%-3%, especially for beginners, of your bankroll. This does not mean that we doubt our sportpesa predictions but rather that we highly value you as a client and go out of our way to ensure that your risks are covered in any way possible.

There are two types of bettors in the world.  The kind who just bet for fun without doing any real research or comparing of lines.  And those who bet to try to make a profit over the long run and beat the bookies.  If you want to bet a winning sportpesa bettor you will need to do a lot of your own research in order to find any edge against the bookies. Lucky for you, at multibet Kenya, we’ve already done most of the legwork in form of detailed research prior to us providing you with our sportpesa predictions. This does not mean that you shouldn’t do your own research as well, when it comes to football anything is possible and your gut may just lead you down the right path. It’s all about finding a balance between our sportpesa predictions and your gut instinct.

Some basic tricks to aid your research

Like anything else in life that has consistent occurrences there are certain statistical patterns in football and all you need to do to improve your chances is to identify these patterns.

For example many European leagues have a low occurrence of draws meaning most of their games fall into the double chance category of 12.

Many leagues in the middle east have a high scoring tendency meaning over 1.5 goal market is almost certain in these leagues.All you need to do is to identify certain universal patterns that coincide with an easy to achieve betting market and you are on your way to profitability.You can then create a methodology for coming up with sportpesa predictions that are profitable.

It is important to note that there isn’t a perfect strategy that fits all. The best way to invest your money depends on your risk profile. Those of you who are risk prone will prefer risking a higher percentage of the bank, while others may feel more comfortable risking a smaller percentage. There is no right or wrong, it’s all dependent on your appetite for risk and how much confidence you have in our sportpesa predictions. Which is the maximum amount you should bet? In our opinion it’s important to set a limit and always respect it, but then again, there is no consensus on this, it all really depends on ones’ individual traits as well as ability to take a loss every once in a while, without losing heart.

Do all the above and you just might end up on a long winning streak but you could get an added advantage if you enjoy the game of football. To enjoy the sport we bet on is fundamental to stay in touch with recent news with less effort. If we like the sport we’re more likely to keep up to date on anything related to it. Are there any injured players? What did the coach have to say before the match? What is the current form moment of both teams? What effect will this substitution have? It’s much easier to answer all these questions if we actually enjoy the game of football. Our sportpesa predictions will only get you so far, you need to find a way to make it a fun experience as well as a touch of lady luck when it comes to winning consistently.

Sportpesa Jackpot

We provide the best analysis of the sportpesa jackpot through extensive analysis of various variables that determine the probable outcome of the sportpesa jackpot games and enhance your winning probabilities.

When one says sportpesa jackpot we all immediately think of the endless possibilities in enhancing our existence on this earth if we were to win the one hundred plus million kenya shillings.

Sportspesa has fired up the hopes and dreams of Kenyans by providing an equal playing platform for anyone irrespective of who is your father,your gender,economic status,employment status,political affiliations and so on to play the odds and stand a chance to make more money than five previous generations of your keen.

Sportpesa jackpot is an offering by sportpesa which is the mammoth sports betting company in Kenya that entails correctly predicting a certain set of predetermined football matches in an effort to win millions of shillings while only investing Kenya shillings one hundred. It sounds like a ponzi skim if it were not for the evidence of the power of the jackpots with the likes of Abisai and Ogada who can now afford to buy a small island of the coast of mombasa.

The science of it is very interesting,you are given thirteen to seventeen foreign matches (if they were KPL matches tungeshuku) and are tasked to predict out of the three possible outcomes (a limited number of double chances are allowed at an additional cost) of win,draw,loss which will be correct and are then offered millions of shillings for your “hard work” and you are only required to show good faith with an meager investment of Kenya shillings one hundred.Can it get any better than that am sure even Hollywood would not be as creative in the creation of their blockbusters.

But is it really that simple, the answer is “no” evident with the fact that it has only been won thrice since its inception. The interesting bit which is greatly overlooked by the majority of bet placers who invest thousands of shillings in the pursuit of money-fueled happiness is that there have been multiples of hundreds more winners of the sportpesa jackpot bonuses than there are winners of the whole lot.

Wouldn’t common sense then dictate that the right boar to hunt and squire are the bonuses which as the common phrase state are the lower hanging fruits?

Ask yourself what would you do with two million Kenya shillings or six hundred thousand which were the jackpot and mega jackpot highest paid bonuses the week of February 19 2018 respectively.I certainly would be glad to have some extra change to straighten out my financial obligations. Playing the sportpesa jackpot smart is hedging your chances to increase your probability of cracking the bonus stratosphere and by some good luck you may just hit the mother load and make your neighbors envious by being picked from your house like a “bowssssss!!!!”

Get in the game is the famous slogan for the Sportpesa platform and it rightly embodies the attitude required if you are to successfully chase some wins while playing Sportpesa jackpots.”Get in the game” and work smart with a methodology geared towards optimizing your chances of winning some coins.

Multi bet Kenya offers value services that are backed my professional and strategic research geared towards increasing the ratio variant in favor of you.

How do we go about this?

Firstly we address the challenge as a statistical problem that we need to solve for the prediction of football matches is very possible with the use of performance based statistics of each team and the players constituting the team.


Team Form:

There are multiple variables that contribute to a team’s form meaning its ability or inability to win matches,score goals,defend against conceding to many goals e.t.c

Players that have played longest together inevitably cultivate great chemistry and in turn great form.Look at Leicester’s meteoric rise and its consistent fighting spirit.A huge part of this can be attributed to the fact that as they joined the EPL majority of the players had played together since the 2013-2014 lower leagues season and it was almost instinctual how they decimated the other so-called EPL Goliaths.

As evident on the below stats from wikipedia about Leicester’s magnificent season team chemistry and in turn team form is the secret juice to significant triumphs

Recent form:

Each season a team will either improve their form or deteriorate in performance and this plays a big contributor to their winning or loosing streaks. There are teams who can not shake of a loosing streak and there are those like the formidable Manchester united,Porto and Bayer Munich who cannot help themselves while there are those like west bromwich Albion who despite their best attempts seem not to be able to share off loss after loss.


Call it myth superstition or whatever you want but there are some teams that despite their prowess they are always doomed to failure when playing that un defeatable rival. Look at Reims and Tours, despite the fact that Reims is considered a top-tier french ligue 2 team and Tours a bottom-tier french ligue 2 team they always have an extremely hard time in winning a match against tours. This is evident with the table below

Injury reports:

An injury of anchor players such as messi,pogba,ozil and others usually throws the team in a bit of disarray and usually almost always impacts their capability to attack or defend.

Injury reports may provide some insight on how the teams will play during their next encounters and enable one to predict the possible outcomes. This information can be accessed on such sites

Head to head analysis

A comparative report indicating the previous encounters between teams provides insights on the possible outcomes of matches. The analysis has to be done for matches played over a number for recent form maybe misleading.

As an example lets take Juventus vs Atlanta,over the last four years Atlanta has never defeated Juventus and this indicates that it is almost inevitable that all encounters will be won by Juventus especially those where they are playing at home.

What the teams may gain or loose in the match?

This has been best demonstrated during the 2017-2018 English premier league season where the teams in the lower positions of the table have been out performing the top placed teams as they try to escape the relegation zone. This information can be accesses from such sites.

You can as well get this information from authoritative sources such as sports broadcasters

There are many more variables that as multibet kenya we consider to ensure that we provide bankable predictions on the sportpesa mega jackpot.

What can winning the sportpesa mega jackpot do for you?

Hypothetically if the mega jackpot purse was reset to kenyan shillings a hundred million and you happened to correctly guess the outcomes of the seventeen games and won. What would that mean for you?

Financial security.

No more paying rent,no more hustles in catching a matatu because you would be in a position to drive a modest car of your choice,no more worries about KPLC,NWSC,GOTV,ZUKU bills and most importantly no more putting in twelve hours a day to earn peanuts.

With KSh 100,000,000 (look at that beautiful almost enchanting figure) you would be in a position to never ever work in your life and if by the mercies from above you happen to win that OGADA money,am talking about ksh 231,000,000 (i can almost cry looking at that figure) you definitely do not need to work ever again.

With that kind of money you only need to buy the best financial advise in the market on how to take advantage of financial instruments such as treasury bills and bonds to generate substantial interests.

If you were to invest only ksh 50,000,000 from your pool of cash on treasury instruments you would be looking at in excess of ksh 4,000,000 in yearly interests that is ksh 330,000 per month to live on while still maintain your principle amount…..why work again ever….

Just look at how easy leading investment entities such as Cyntonn Investments and ICEA Lion make it look to convert your already a lot of monies into tycon level monies.

Betting has its related risks and it is always advisable to never risk or stake money that you cannot afford to lose and so we urge all our fellow prediction enthusiasts to always bet smart but not to gamble.




Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions this Week


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Looking for the Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions this Week? Look no further, we provide the most in-depth Sportpesa Jackpot Analysis to boost your odds of walking away as a winner. When it comes to sports betting, it’s all about statistics, from Head Head records to injury news, to current form. This is why we have a dedicated team of analysts working around the clock to ensure that our Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions this Week are backed by hard data. As with any other form of betting, winning isn’t guaranteed but it doesn’t hurt to get into it backed by statistical evidence.

First things first, we want to make it clear that we are in no way affiliated with Sportpesa as a company. We simply chose them as our preferred betting site or bookie if you like due to the simple fact that they are the largest betting site in the region, with the largest jackpot payouts and the fastest payouts with no delays.

Allow us to take you on a trip down memory lane involving a certain Paul Wainaina, one of the first Sportpesa Jackpot winners in Kenya. You see, when every other football fan was enjoying every single moment of what is arguably the worlds most anticipated club football match – the El Clasico, that pits two European juggernauts namely FC Barcelona & Real Madrid against each other, there was one fan in Huruma who was literally down on his knees praying with such gusto his wife thought he had gone mental.

On that night, Paul who had never been to church except for the usual Easter and Christmas masses, where lack of attendance could be construed as an act of defiance to God himself was praying as a man possessed. Sweat was dripping from each and every orifice in his body. He wanted God to come through in a big way as this was his 4th attempt at the Sportpesa Jackpot.

He had already seen his first 10 picks go through and the 3 that remained were driving him up the wall with the pressure reaching boiling point. As he told Fever pitch magazine

“The pressure became too much to bear, with only two matches left by Monday 1 am. I tried praying, but I was weak. I woke my wife up to help me pray. I don’t know even what I was telling God. But I remember telling Him to let me win. I even confessed all my sins so that I could win a clean man,” said the 31-year-old father of two.” I was checking the progress of the matches with every single second.”

The moment of truth came and Wainaina could not hide his joy when it dawned on him that he had just pocketed Kshs 8,900,000.

“Nimeshinda. Akia Mungu nimeshinda hii kitu! (I have won! I swear I have won it),”

Were the only words he could muster at the time. His frantic celebrations were causing a stir deep in Huruma but he could care less, he had just won the Sportpesa Jackpot!

“I disappeared into the darkness to look for more airtime. Luckily, I got one for Sh50, which I loaded and immediately called Sportpesa guys. I did not wait to be called. It is me who made the first call because I really needed the money,” said Paul Wainaina in a later interview.

When quizzed on what he planned to do with the huge windfall of cash that had just landed on him, he surprisingly said he had no plans but that he would consult with his better half.

Paul Wainana and Family

This happened back in the year 2015, since then, the winnings have got much bigger with the most recent one being Ogada who walked away with the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot of Kshs 230Million!


We are dedicated to providing you with Sportpesa betting tips to give you the best shot at becoming the next Wainaina or Ogada. You are reading this because you want to win the Sportpesa jackpot, who wouldn’t? It is important to note that there’s also a lot of money to be made in form of bonuses. Here is a summarized list of the 1st ever Sportpesa Mega Jackpot winnings in Kenya:

  • 17 correct predictions won Sh221,301,602
  • 16 correct predictions won Sh41,152,246 (each)
  • 15 correct predictions won Sh407,727 (each)
  • 14 correct predictions won Sh51,218 (each)
  • 13 correct predictions won Sh10,507 (each)
  • 12 correct predictions won Sh2,995 (each)

We cannot rule out the fact that an element of luck plays a substantial role when making the Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions but the fact remains that research is vital. When coming up with our Sportpesa Jackpot Prediction this Week, we closely scrutinized past performances, home & away records dating back several years, news on key players regarding injuries amongst numerous other parameters. Such research provides great insight and although we cannot guarantee 100% results, numbers don’t lie and history always has a way of repeating itself.


If after going through our Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions this Week you still feel a bit unconvinced, it’s ok to go with your instincts every once in a while. You will be surprised by what your gut can do. Gut reactions can be trusted to make a sound decision. According to the National Academy of Sciences, the human brain has the ability to take in several pieces of information at once, process them and decide in an overall value. However, we’d urge that you at least go through our Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions this Week as you’d need a lot of luck to get 17 correct predictions based on your gut feeling alone. We have already crunched the hard numbers for you. All you need is to place your bets, and like Wainaina, pray and sweat profusely. You never know, by this time next week you could be the newest millionaire in town.

Want to join our family at Multibet Kenya and access our Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions this Week? Click here and be a part of the winner’s circle.

At Multibet Kenya, we have something for everyone.


Ilves Tampere   vs   HJK Helsinki  Draw
KPV Kokkola   vs    Seinajoen JK Away win
VPS Vaasa   vs    Lahti  Draw
Wisla Krakow    vs   Slask Wroclaw Away win
GKS Piast Gliwice  vs  Lech Poznan Draw
 FC Rostov   vs   Spartak Moscow  Draw
 San Luis   vs   UNAM Pumas  Away win
CF Pachuca  vs   Club Leon  Away win
 Club America   vs   CF Monterrey  Home win
Club Necaxa   vs  Cruz Azul  Draw
Ural Yekaterinburg    vs    Akhmat Grozny Home win
Uerdingen   vs   Hallescher  Home win
Mjallby   vs   Halmstads BK Home win
Zaglebie Lubin   vs   Cracovia Draw
Inter Turku   vs    Honka Home win
CS Studentesc Iasi   vs   Astra Giurgiu Home win
Dinamo Bucuresti   vs   CS U Craiova Away win

Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions

Football has to be one of, if not the most uniting sport on the planet. Consequently, the sports betting bug has clearly taken a huge bite of the Kenyan market. Sports betting firms such as Sportpesa have literally made millionaires overnight.

At, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with sports betting tips including the Sportpesa jackpot predictions to help you optimize your chances of landing a winning betslip on your way to becoming the next millionaire in town.

As you probably know by now, after betting for months, predicting football matches isn’t as easy as some would like you to believe.

The home team isn’t guaranteed a win and one’s favorite team loses on the regular.

The sure-bets have proven time and time again that such a term is just wishful thinking. Draws are common and there are elements of the game that cannot be foreseen such as red cards and injuries.

However, at, we focus on crunching stats such as past records, current form, head to head record history amongst numerous other parameters to tip the scale in your favor.

The Sportpesa weekly jackpot is pretty simple to enter. There are 13 total jackpot games. More importantly, one can win instant cash bonuses by making 10,11 or 12 correct predictions, I’m talking about millions in bonuses.

The main focus is always on the Sportpesa jackpot and to win it, you will need more than good fortune. The element of statistics is key when it comes to Sportpesa jackpot predictions plus a lot of patience and a sprinkling of luck.

The jackpot isn’t exactly won every other week which goes to show that for an accurate sportpesa jackpot prediction, one needs to crunch in some serious numbers.

This is where comes in to give a hand. Numbers is what we are good at and our track record can be seen via customer feedback. So why not join us today and give it a shot, you never know, you could be the next Ogada.

Our Sportpesa jackpot predictions aren’t sure bets but as we found out earlier, there’s no such thing as a sure-bets.

What we can guarantee however, is that by involving factual statistics, the odds are slightly tilted in your favor.

We carry out in depth Sportpesa jackpot predictions to ensure that we give you the most likely outcome as far as statistics are concerned.

To our members, all the best in your Sportpesa jackpot games this week.

To any individual willing to join family, follow the link here. We have something for everyone.