With sportpesa not accepting funds how can you still leverage the mega jackpot

With the ongoing battles between the major betting entities and the various facets of the government it does not look like there will be an opportunity anytime soon to try your luck on winning the WOOPING Kes 239M and change.So how can you still leverage the sportpesa mega jackpot to make some cash.The challenge is even if you have cash in your sportpesa money wallet and actually won the mega jackpot sportpesa legally may not be in a position to give you the won cash so with that in mind its for you to evaluate risk and possible ready.

The mega jackpot consists of games that provide large odds that you can then use to create high odds multibets,but wait multibet Kenya isn’t a multibet risky as well? the answer is yes but there are ways to mitigate these risks and we will show you how you can increase the probability of winning on the mega jackpot games to approximately 90%.

First things first you need to have some competency when it comes to researching football matches and leveraging data availed by various sports betting data providers.If you dont have the competency or access to the desired data you can always take advantage of our expertise by clicking here

so here we go,first thing is you need to evaluate all 17 games and identify five or six games that you have some level of confidence on the possible outcome in the form of a double chance meaning you possibly believe that the game will not draw meaning the possible double chance outcome is 12 or you believe that the away team cannot possibly win the game and the possible double chance outcome is 1X and so on.

Once you have establish your five games for an example’s sake and confidently establish the possible double chance you then move on to the next step which is leveraging our “Eddy’s methodology” to come up with five to six possible multibets using the games you have identified.

Our Eddy’s jackpot methodology allows you to take advantage of hedging to increase your chances of winning at least one of the multibets.So for example sake lets use 5 games from today’s mid-week jackpot

Tunisia vs Nigeria-Our prediction is X2 X-3.15 Odds 2-2.41 odds

ASK Ebreichsdorf vs SV Lafnitz-Our prediction is 12 1-2.81 odds 2-2.39 odds

Shamrock Rovers vs Bran-Our prediction is 1X 1-2.75 odds X-3.28 Odds

NK Mura vs Maccabi Haifa-Our predictio is X2 X-3.29 Odds 2-2.58 odds

So we can use these four games to illustrate how you can go about creating an Eddy’s jackpot to provide yourself with your own mega jackpot.

Target to make 5 multibets maximum for with an average of 2.5 odds on each game a multibet with 5 games will provide a total odd of 97 and with 5 multibets if you win one it means your average won odds is 19.5.The below table illustrates a simplified version of how you would create an eddy’s jackpot with a high chance of a win.

Tunisia vs Nigeria-Our prediction is X2  2 2 2 X X
Ebreichsdorf vs Lafnitz-Our prediction is 12 1 1 2 2 1
Shamrock Rovers vs Bran-Our prediction is 1X 1 X 1 1 X
NK Mura vs Maccabi Haifa-Our predictio is X2 2 2 X 2 X

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