Sportpesa Multibet – Tips


We provide Sportpesa Multibet – Tips on the safest multibets to place on your favourite gaming website sportpesa.Our sportpesa multibet consists of 250 odds and another one with 100 odds and that has endeared us to  thousands of Kenyans who love to win every weekend. We recently hit a big one that will for sure keep us going for the foreseeable future.

A multibet normally consists of three or more three games. Two is a double while three games are sometimes called a triple. With a multibet odds, multiply and therefore the allure of winning big motivates many people to try them.At we love multibets .We have several types that cater to all kinds of gamblers.

Multibets are generally tricky and most times you find one team failing the whole slip. To avoid this, don’t have too many teams on your slip. We have found the sweet spot to be between 8-12 where the multibet has mixed markets like GG, NG, Overs under, and straight wins. Also, avoid some tricky markets like Championship league 1 and 2 and the lower Italian and French leagues as they are known not to be profitable.

To increase our chances, our multibets run throughout the week. The first one runs from Wednesday to Sunday with odds of over 250  . This one is for the greedy ones and who want to win big . Be sure to separate the games into slips of twos, threes, or fours and you will make lots of money then have one slip with all the games just in case they all go through. This multibet has all the surebets of the week and you can include them in you sportpesa multibet slip. This multibet goes for 149 shillings.

The second one is 10 or 9 games multibet with 100 odds . This is also a mixed market multibet that you can pick for 79. This one has hit several times and guys enjoy playing it . We normally include games that run from Friday to Sunday and they normally include picks that you would call surebets .

All in all, we love playing multibets on sportpesa as we they have better odds and we have never had issues when withdrawing our money.If you are looking to win big, you are definitely on the right website .