Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Prediction Tips

We are targeting 12/17 this weekend

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An in depth and through analysis is a must when it comes to getting the mega jackpot predictions right , some have placed their bets purely on guts but, the chances of you following the same strategy and emerging a winner are odds that almost guarantee a loss. The sportpesa jackpot need an element of research if you are looking to beat the odds and walk away with the millions at stake when it comes to the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot. This article may or may not be for you as each and every individual has their own reason for taking part in the thrilling world of Sports Betting. With that in mind, read on if you are committed to tilting the odds in your favor and emerging victorious at the end of the day.

It’s important to let you know that our Sportpesa Mega Jackpot predictions aren’t guaranteed, in fact, we have lost but with every loss we have gotten better as we take our losses as lessons. We carry out a thorough Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Analysis each and every Week. We take our losing betslip and break it down team by team to try and identify things we may have missed and thus placing us in the best possible position to avoid similar errors. Let’s face it, you have probably been losing as well and are in need of a change in tact when it comes to getting your Jackpot Predictions right and this is where Multibet Kenya comes in to give our very experienced hand.

There are various things we can equip you with to boost your chances of ending up with a winning betslip, let us delve into it starting with what we can term as the basics when it comes to jackpot predictions.

You need a high level of discipline. As with every other aspect of life, discipline is vital in the Sports Betting world as well. We ae talking about stakes or money management discipline in particular and a few other aspects such as betting way too many games, betting without any form of formula amongst others that we will look into later on sportpesa today games

Let’s start with a question. How many times have you wagered 7 times your normal amount on a bet that you think is assured of victory and minimal amounts on the not so sure bets only to end up losing the so called sure bet and consequently end up losing a huge chunk of your money? It should be clear by now that the mysterious sure bet does not exist. There are elements of the beautiful game called football that cannot be anticipated such as injuries to key players, postponement due to weather conditions, red cards, clear on goal misses like the Torres one against Manchester United a few seasons ago to name but a few.

The element of luck can therefore not be ignored. Lucky for you, when it comes to the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot, there’s a fixed stake of Kshs 100, which means there’s no way you can be tempted to place ludicrous amounts as your stake. All you need is an accurate prediction of 17 matches. This may be easier said than done but with our sportpesa jackpot analysis, we provide you with jackpot predictions that are mathematically accurate as possible.

The Sportpesa Mega Jackpot is played on a weekly basis with 17 pre-selected games that are usually played over the weekend.

The cash prize for the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot starts at Sh100,000,000 and the amount progresses every week until it is won. It currently stands at a tasty (input amount)

If the jackpot prediction is accurately done by more than one individual, the pot is equally shared among the winning individuals. It’s important to remember that if our sportpesa Mega Jackpot Predictions aren’t accurate to the tee, you could still end up with a few millions, as there are bonuses awarded for 12 ,13,14,15 and 16 correct Jackpot predictions. The fact that one can place as may Sportpesa Jackpot bets as possible is tempting but, we highly recommend that you place a maximum of 3 bets if placing as many bets as possible is your preferred style of betting.

Understanding as much as you can about the teams that you’re betting on: as experienced players we can disclose to you that a win isn’t solely reliant on how many wins the team you have placed ‘kichwa’ on as we say it has had during their last 5 or 7 games. Various other factors come into play: how well have they be playing offensively or defensively? We are able to answer this by an in-depth analysis of the goals scored and goals conceded charts or GF & GA for the football addicts like ourselves.

Have there been in-house fights as was the case back when Alexis Sanchez was at Arsenal?

Has the coach been replaced? A good example in the current season is the replacement of Bayern Munich’s manager which consequently turned their entire season around.

Is the team in question good at home or away? We look into all this issues in detail to ensure that the bet you end up placing in the sportpesa mega jackpot is as accurate as humanly possible.


The favorite team doesn’t always win: This is a sort of unwritten rule like the ‘you don’t date your friends’ EX’ rule contained in the unwritten bro codes. The bookies may convince some to place their bets on the outright favorite due to the odds given but experience has taught us otherwise. How else can you explain Arsenal FC losing at home to Osterstunds FC barely a week ago?

Another good example is Leicester City and their fairy-tale season of 2015/2016. The odds of them winning the league were 5000 /1 !! They went on to actually win it and a lot of Sports Betting enthusiast made a lot of money off Leicester City FC by placing their bets on them especially during their home matches. The odds may have been stacked against them but the smart bettors placed their bets based on how they were playing and completely ignoring the favorites tag.

Avoid betting emotionally, the heart needs to take a backseat when it comes to betting. We have all developed loyalty towards certain teams, there are Red Devils, Gooners, Blues, Reds, Madridstas and numerous others fans loyal to a fault when it comes to their respective teams. It is no secret that we always want the clubs we support to win every single match but if we are to be pragmatic, this will never happen. They will lose some and draw some as well. We all love our teams and want them to win as for some unsubstantiated theory, we are utterly convinced that due tour unconditional love for them, they will somehow end up winning even when faced with far superior opposition. Football matches aren’t won or lost based on love. The surest way to end up angry and depressed is to place a bet on your team despite the odds or opposition.

Once they lose, you will not only be broke, but depressed and heartbroken as well and I haven’t even started on the Whatsapp messages of mockery that you’ll be getting coz your team lost.

Simply put, place your Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions rationally and leave your heart out of it entirely, use your head instead.

If you can master this art of rational betting, then your chances of ending up with a winning Sportpesa Jackpot betslip are increased substantially.

Bet with what you can afford to lose:

This is in line with the age old saying, ‘don’t bite off more than you can chew.’ Sports betting should be first and foremost fun! Placing your stake on the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot should be a thrilling experience for individuals but some turn it into a life or death scenario. We urge you not to take a chunk of Njeri’s (Njeri is your 1st born by the way) school fees and spread it on various Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions in the hopes that you will end up paying for Njeri’s education up to the PHD levels. We also implore you to pay your landlord and resist the urge to place your entire rent on a team tipped in the sportpesa jackpot as a likely win only for their defender and captain to end up with a red card within the 1st 15 minutes leaving you not only winless but homeless as well.

Sort out all your vital expenses, and once you find that your budget can allow for some leisure without affecting Njeri’s education or the roof over Mama Njeri’s head, then take out the Kshs 100 which is all you need to participate in the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot.

Borrow a leaf from Samuel Abisai, a recent Sportpesa Mega Jackpot winner who said that he never used his primary income when it came to betting.

“I always bet using the extra coin. I had been failing but I never lost hope. I bet every weekend,” he said when he was handed the dummy cheque during his win.

Samuel was a smart man, Samuel didn’t play around with his primary income, Samuel won the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot, be like Samuel.


Keep good records of how you’re betting: If you want to experience success when it comes to betting in the long term, it is vital that you have records of all the bets you place. Go as far as documenting the results after the matches and if you’re too busy to get into such detail, visit www.multibet for a thorough break down of all the sportpesa megajackpot predictions and outcomes each and every week.

You see, by keeping records of all your losses and wins, you will automatically be more disciplined in your betting and as we mentioned earlier, discipline is crucial in the sports betting world. A track record of your winnings will not only make you better informed when it comes to placing your next bets but will also make you less wild and random. Each result will increase your level of discipline in betting.

Look at the bigger picture: We cannot emphasize this enough. Yes, the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot is literally all about making it big in the shortest amount of time possible but is it really? If it were we’d be having winners each and every week, no? when it comes to betting, timing and pacing yourself is everything.

You need to have a clear view of the big picture. Start small and build yourself up a step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The temptation to go all in is often as enticing as Delilah, but we urge that you run away from her as fast as you can.

You will lose some, maybe even go on a string of losses. Take a step back and re-evaluate. You could even decide to take a break from the sports betting world for a while just to recharge and come up with a different strategy. Like we said earlier on, sports betting shouldn’t be a life or death scenario for you but rather a fun and engaging experience.

If you pace yourself, you’ll find that you’re making some good money on the side and with some long-term persistence, you could very well hit the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot and change your life forever.

All we are trying to say is that in the exciting world of Sports Betting, you will have your good days as well as some bad ones but if you follow these time-tested tips, you will make profits more often than not.

our sportpesa jackpot predictions are based on these simple principles and our clients’ positive feedback and success stories is proof enough that they actually work. Always remember, sports betting is supposed to be fun.

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