Free Shabiki power 13 Prediction

With sportpesa mega jackpot inaccessible this week we have decided to provide you our valued customers a free prediction to the shabiki power 13 jackpot that you can use as a baseline as you undertake your own research.


In our opinion this jackpot is one of the most innovative in the country as it does not require a clean sweep for you to win the KES 10M at stakes.Its all about who can predict the most games correct out of the 13 games offered meaning even if you correctly predict 8 out of the 13 games and you happen to be the luck individual who scored the highest you walk away with the spoils.How fantastic is that..

Below is a snippet from Shabiki website that explains the jackpot,how to play it and the cost of entry

Shabiki Power 13 is Kenya’s first Jackpot with a guaranteed payout of Kshs 10M every Sato.

The player {s} who correctly predicts the outcome of the 13 matches wins the 10 Million Jackpot. If nobody correctly predicts the 13 matches, the 10 Million Jackpot rolls down to the player {s} who correctly predicted 12/13 matches, and so on until there is a winning combination!

The Power 13 can be played in two ways, you can manually select the outcome of the matches, or you can try your luck and play the Autobet option. Once you select the Autobet option, a random coupon will be generated, you can submit betslip as it is, or amend your selections before placing your bet.


To bet by SMS: Send an SMS to 29063 with your prediction in the following format P13#13 Predictions. E.g. P13#1X2X1X22X11X2


Mpesa 100/- to Paybill 290063, Account Number P13#AUTO

If there is more than one player with the correct prediction, the Jackpot is equally shared amongst all winners. Good Luck!!


We leverage technology and statistical data through our effective football prediction algorithms to provide highly confident shabiki power 13 predictions

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