This is a short book about winning and I’m talking winning not just big but consistently as well.  This is not a book for the doubters for as a wise man by the name of Arsene Wenger once said, “if you do not believe you can do it, then you have no chance at all”. Sure, you’ve probably been through similar books, with writers who have christened themselves as sports betting pros who have gone on ahead to promise you everything from hundred percent winning betting tips, to fixed matches to some prime piece of real estate on the moon.


I’ll tell you right here and now that we won’t be taking you down that rabbit hole, firstly because we do not believe in the much-publicized sure bets and secondly albeit more importantly, because we have inside info regarding prime real estate on the moon, it’s not up for sale or even a lease yet.


Now that we’ve established that no one will be jetting off to the moon by the end of this book, lets delve right into what you should expect to pick by the end of this or at least what we hope you’ll pick up on. Our main goal is to help the millions of Sports betting enthusiasts by taking you on a trip down experience lane. You see, as with every event in life, there’s always a lesson to be learnt if one only choses to look as opposed to running off with tail tucked between ones’ leg like a dog that just ran into a dire wolf, yelling out for mama.


We have been members of this thrilling world of sports betting for almost half a decade now. In the spirit of total honesty, some of the lessons have come at the hands of some really bruising defeats. By bruising defeats, we are referring to losses so dire we almost signed up for exorcism as it seemed like some unseen, supernatural hand was hovering over us, hell bent on guaranteeing the losers circle was where we’d end up. Were it not for perseverance, a will to win coupled with the ever so sexy lady luck, we’d probably be scribbling this notes on some stain tainted mental asylum wall after breaking free of our straight jackets of course.


Which brings us to the most vital ingredient if you are looking to make wins out of losses and keep meek milling winnings consistently. Perseverance and patience are simply a must have and if you are lacking in either, we urge that you stop right here. Go out there, search under every rock and crevice, fetch some discipline while you’re at it, then come back. Hey, it’s not like we’re going anywhere, now is it?


Right, with that crucial bit out of the way, lets dive right in. don’t worry, well start off at the shallow end before throwing you head first into the deep end by the end of the book.


Have you ever heard about the 10-year-old, one armed boy who decided that judo would be his ideal sport?  A fable as old as time was told around a campfire during a teambuilding exercise deep in the heart of the lush Kenyan Savannah. Colleagues gathered together and sat around a beaming camp fire. Ambers were flaring up into the star filled sky, cinders flared off into small pieces that gave a firefly kind of look , crickets were stridulating in the distance with perfect harmony that one needs to actually experience to feel the magic of it all.


The team leader, a middle-aged sales executive was set to churn a story that he hoped would spur the creative genius of his team members. He stretched out his arms towards the towering flames as he began to speak. Every went hush as he started off on the story of the one-armed boy.

There once lived a 10-year-old boy who decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident.

The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo master. The boy was doing well, so he couldn’t understand why, after three months of training the master had taught him only one move.

“Sensei,” the boy finally said, “Shouldn’t I be learning more moves?”

“This is the only move you know, but this is the only move you’ll ever need to know,” the sensei replied.

Not quite understanding, but believing in his teacher, the boy kept training.

Several months later, the sensei took the boy to his first tournament. Surprising himself, the boy easily won his first two matches. The third match proved to be more difficult, but after some time, his opponent became impatient and charged; the boy deftly used his one move to win the match. Still amazed by his success, the boy was now in the finals.

This time, his opponent was bigger, stronger, and more experienced. For a while, the boy appeared to be overmatched. Concerned that the boy might get hurt, the referee called a time-out. He was about to stop the match when the sensei intervened.

“No,” the sensei insisted, “Let him continue.”

Soon after the match resumed, his opponent made a critical mistake: he dropped his guard. Instantly, the boy used his move to pin him. The boy had won the match and the tournament. He was the champion.

On the way home, the boy and sensei reviewed every move in each and every match. Then the boy summoned the courage to ask what was really on his mind.

“Sensei, how did I win the tournament with only one move?”

“You won for two reasons,” the sensei answered. “First, you’ve almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of judo. And second, the only known defense for that move is for your opponent to grip your left arm.”

The boy’s biggest weakness had become his biggest strength.


Herein lies the lesson, the sales executive said under muttered breath, we all have weaknesses but if one is to triumph, learning to turn weakness into strength is key.


Catchy story, no? funny thing is, this simple lesson can be employed in all aspects of life which includes the thrilling world of sports betting and we can now dig deeper into just how we can turn habits such as: betting based on guts for glory, going for a string of bets so long it could rival the Nile, going all in on the so called sure bets amongst various other habits that have more often than not landed you firmly in the losers circle, or bagged you a big L as the cool kids would say it- into a winning strategy.





















In order to understand the game and how to make it work for you, we find it prudent that you actually get to know all the key players.


In this case, we are talking about the big boys when it comes to sports betting in Kenya. Let’s get this straight, sports betting firms may dish out winnings with reckless abandon but don’t, even for a second be fooled into classifying them as your friend. Your friend is the guy or girl you call when things are thick and you are staring at the barrel end of a gun, hypothetically speaking of course. It’s not like you look up Sportpesa in your directory when the waiter asks for his dues after your date/guzzler decides to run the bill into quadruple figures and all you have is a couple of thousands, that you were actually supposed to use to buy some power units, now is it?


Hence, for clarity purpose, the big players in the sports betting world should be viewed as the villains hereon. Hey, every good story needs one. Your relationship with your bookie is purely a business relationship. If you start winning too much, he will quickly ban you. That’s why it is always good to have multiple bookmakers.


In addition, having several bookmakers will help ensure you get the best odds for your bets. Some bookies will offer better odds on some matches as compared to other bookies.


1XBET: This is one of the most recent entrants in the Kenyan betting market. It has however been in operation internationally since 2007 and is based in Russia. The company offers bettors 100% bonus on the first 10,000 cash deposit. They also have the now popular, live betting function available on their platform as well.

BETWAY: Betway has only been operational in Kenya for around two years. This international company is one of the most renowned world over with an array of tasty odds. they offer 100% bonus on the first deposit as well as for accumulated bets.


HOLLYWOODBET: If you are a regular bettor then you’ve probably come across this site. It boasts to be one of if not the fastest growing betting sites in Kenya. They offer 100% bonus on your first deposit as well as on accumulated bets. The efficient and speedy payout is also a major attraction for most bettors.


BETPAWA: this one ranks among the best betting companies in Kenya at the moment. they also offer 100% bonus on first deposit, free withdrawals and live betting. You also get a free bet when you pay the first 25 shillings.


SPORTPESA: This is probably the most famous and well-known betting site in Kenya thanks largely due to their elaborate marketing strategy. The fact that they have paid out over kshs 400million in their mega jackpot alone has endeared to millions of sports betting enthusiasts. It is currently the largest betting company in Africa with operations in Europe.


BETIN: It is part of the GoldBet Group one of Europe’s largest betting and gaming Operators and was formerly operating on the name and domain Gold Bet. With Betin the minimum bet stake is Sh.50. one can also access bonuses for multibets. Betin is one of the most exciting betting sites to use. No other betting site has as many betting options or markets if you prefer as Betin. Besides sports betting, one can also place their bets in the casino or on virtual matches.


KWIKBET: This is also another fairly new betting site where one can place bets on many sports including basketball, Cricket, darts, ice-hockey, and football of course. They also provide a deposit and referral bonus for users.

Their bonus scheme is currently available for the following users:

  • Top Up Bonus. Top up over Kshs. 200 and get Kshs. 50 bet bonus.
  • Referral bonus of Kshs. 50 is be given to users who refer their friends to KWIKBET by sending ACCEPT#FRIEND’S NUMBER to 29020. Those referred are required to fund their accounts within 48hrs to enable the referrer earn their bonus.


When trying to decide which online bookmakers are right for you, here are some things to look for:

  • Minimum deposit requirements – make sure they fit your budget and money management plan
  • Deposit methods accepted
  • Withdrawal methods accepted
  • What fees are charged – for example is there a deposit fee or a withdrawal fee
  • Minimum bet amount
  • Maximum winning amount







A betting strategy can simply be defined as a systemic approach to placing bets designed to generate an edge for the bettor over the bookmaker or house.


In this chapter, we aim to illustrate how applying some age-old sports betting tactics and strategies can help you improve your winning percentage significantly and start making money investing in sports. These tips represent some of the most lucrative historical betting trends and are the same tools we use every single time we place our stakes on any given day.


Type in ‘sports betting tips’ on your google search bar and you will most probably end up pummeled by dozens of websites that promises to furnish you with sports betting strategies that will make you the king of the world. You’ve got: marketers, betting gurus, strategists, statisticians, mathematicians and a whole plethora of ‘experts’, each proclaiming to have come up with a winning formula that’s the next best thing since sliced bread. The question therefore should be, Are all these ‘experts’ worth the hustle? Yes, we may be writing this from an expert point of view but rest assured, we will not be selling the so called fixed bets or any bets for that matter in this book.


We have opted instead to try and share some of the tips we have picked up along the way. The thing is, once you come across a tried and tested approach, it more often than not ends up as applicable for various situations including the sports betting world. These strategies and tips, are solely aimed at aiding you in optimizing your winnings while maintaining the element of fun in the thrilling world of sports betting.


Information is key.

Knowing about something before anyone else is the key to successful betting. smart bettors collect as much information as possible, analyze the impact it could have on the market and then bet accordingly. Information could change the way you bet and the results you get.  Those who get a hold of accurate information and act on it promptly before anyone else reap lucrative rewards – as soon as it is common knowledge, the bookies will have already made adjustments to the odds.


Timely Information will not always provide you with a winning selection to bet on, but it will most certainly help you to consistently beat the closing line – The last available odds offered before a market closes. Bettors who “beat the closing line” have placed a bet offering a superior return to the final odds offered; consistently beating the closing line is a sign of a successful bettor– this means the smallest detail about how a team or individual might perform is vital if you one wants to get the odds with the best value.


There are numerous sources of information – from a digital feed to a contact with inside information, to players’ social media activity. These sources can provide insight into team news, how a player is feeling or even more irregular occurrences like a team not wanting to play due to a pay dispute. A good example can be seen when Messi tweeted a picture of him alongside hi newborn son which meant he wasn’t available to play for Barcelona and any individual who picked up on this information had an edge over the rest.


Every Tom, Dick and Jane can get his hands on some information about a specific sporting event but being the first in the know about something or being privy to information that no one else is aware of has its perks as it gives the bettor an advantage. Let’s get into a simple illustration as we all know as sports betting enthusiast, numbers are what makes us tick.


One recent example of how getting hold of information before anyone else can be beneficial was in the match pitting Real Madrid against Deportivo La Coruna earlier on in the season. In this case, announcements made pertaining to Madrid’s starting line up in the pre-match press conference a day before the game had a major impact on the odds.


While the majority of bettors would have learned of Zinedine Zidane’s – the Real Madrid manager- intention to rest Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema during the press conference, some would have known about it beforehand.


The shift in Betin Kenya’s odds shows just how important knowing about this kind of information could be.


Betin’s Total Goals market initially opened as Under 4 goals at 1.96. This price remained steady until a few hours before the previously mentioned press conference. After the news became common knowledge, Pinnacle’s Total Goals market moved to Under 3 goals at 2.05 before closing at 1.92 for Under 3.5 goals.


This clearly shows how two bettors could make two totally different bets on the same market – with one getting much better value for their bet because of the information they have and the timing of the bet. Timing in terms of access to information is everything.


Ensure that you have various news streams linked to your smart devices as most of them have the push notification function thus ensuring you get any relevant news just as it breaks. The emergence of social media platforms such as Twitter means majority of us have an easy access to more information than ever before. furthermore, we live in an age of soccer betting tips where everyone and anyone can easily claim to have valuable information.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee in terms of the credibility of the information provided. It might be a typical greedy tipster trying to attract more interest to their website. This could explain the recent surge in ‘fake news’ across various social media platforms such as facebook and twitter.

It might prove to be a stroke of genius to react to a “leak” of information before anyone else does, but it could also backfire if that information turns out to be nothing more than fake news It is thus very important that one uses only reliable sources such as bbcsport or actual club websites such as to that can be trusted to only provide valid information.


Manage Your Principle Carefully.

This may sound rather straight forward, but experience has taught us that the devil called greed has a habit of creeping in and forcing sound minded individuals like ourselves to place stakes over and beyond what we can actually afford. A simple scroll down to the potential returns after placing a huge stake on somewhat researched matches is a temptation many find hard to resist. However, we urge you to look greed straight in the eye and yell ‘not today old friend!!!’


To void betting with money you can’t afford to lose, manage your bankroll like a pro. If you have a budget of Kshs 1000 for betting, make sure you keep each bet pegged at anything between 1 to 5% of your principle amount. This will help you avoid catastrophic losses that could lead to you losing your family or house as well as helping you avoid chasing losses that more often than not leads to even more debt. The next time greed creeps in just think of the potential losses from money to your stunning wife and just steer clear.


As an example, very aggressive bettors may bet 4% to 5% of their bankroll. More conservative investors may bet 1% to 2%. You need to find a number that you are comfortable with and that will allow you to grow your bankroll while also leaving room for you to learn and make mistakes.


Something else that we urge you to do when it comes to managing your money is guard against overconfidence. If you win a few bets in a row, don’t put it all on the next match or raise your bet amount too high. If you do either of these things it can lead to a situation where you lose all your gains in one bet or you go from being in a winning position to being in a hole you can’t get out of.





Look at the bigger picture.

 We cannot emphasize this enough. Yes, the Jackpot is literally all about making it big in the shortest amount of time possible but is it really? If it were we’d be having winners each and every week, no? when it comes to betting, timing and pacing yourself is everything.


You need to have a clear view of the big picture. Start small and build yourself up a step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The temptation to go all in is often as enticing as Delilah, but we urge that you run away from her as fast as you can.


You will lose some, maybe even go on a string of losses. Take a step back and re-evaluate. You could even decide to take a break from the sports betting world for a while just to recharge and come up with a different strategy. Like we said earlier on, sports betting shouldn’t be a life or death scenario for you but rather a fun and engaging experience.


All we are trying to say is that in the exciting world of Sports Betting, you will have your good days as well as some bad ones but if you follow these time-tested tips, you will make profits more often than not.


Avoid betting emotionally, the heart needs to take a backseat when it comes to betting. We have all developed loyalty towards certain teams, there are Red Devils, Gooners, Blues, Reds, Madridstas and numerous others fans loyal to a fault when it comes to their respective teams. It is no secret that we always want the clubs we support to win every single match but if we are to be pragmatic, this will never happen. They will lose some and draw some as well. We all love our teams and want them to win as for some unsubstantiated theory, we are utterly convinced that due tour unconditional love for them, they will somehow end up winning even when faced with far superior opposition. Football matches aren’t won or lost based on love. The surest way to end up angry and depressed is to place a bet on your team despite the odds or opposition.


Once they lose, you will not only be broke, but depressed and heartbroken as well and I haven’t even started on the Whatsapp messages of mockery that you’ll be getting coz your team lost.

If you can master this art of rational betting, then your chances of ending up with a winning betslip are increased substantially.


The favorite team doesn’t always win.

This is a sort of unwritten rule like the ‘you don’t date your friends’ EX’ rule contained in the unwritten bro codes. The bookies may convince some to place their bets on the outright favorite due to the odds given but experience has taught us otherwise. How else can you explain Arsenal FC losing at home to Osterstunds FC a while ago?


Another good example is Leicester City and their fairy-tale season of 2015/2016. The odds of them winning the league were 5000 /1 !! They went on to actually win it and a lot of Sports Betting enthusiast made a lot of money off Leicester City FC by placing their bets on them especially during their home matches. The odds may have been stacked against them but the smart bettors placed their bets based on how they were playing and completely ignoring the favorites tag.


Understanding as much as you can about the teams that you’re betting on.

Look for news and developments that could easily sway the results of a match. Here are some areas that you should pay close attention to when deciding where to place your bet.

  • Team Form – During a season teams can go through “hot” and “cold,” periods. That is to say they can go on winning streaks or losing streaks. Pay close attention to “team form” – it’s very important for you to identify a team on a winning or losing streak early, before the bookies become aware of what is going on.
  • Team Formation – The formation a soccer team uses can have a dramatic impact on not just who wins or loses a match but how many goals are scored and more. Pay close attention to the formation a team is going to use.
  • Attacking and defending tendencies – this is another important area to study – does a team seek to advance the ball or does it like to sit back in a defensive shape? One team’s attacking tendencies can play into another side’s strengths or weaknesses and lead to a specific match result. So always study both teams’ tendencies and how those tendencies match up against each other.
  • Weather forecasts – you should always know what the weather conditions are going to be for a match. Weather can affect player performance, how many goals are scored and much more.
  • Standing/ranking tables – knowing where a team stands on the season can be an important indicator for how they will do in a match – just don’t put too much emphasis on standings as there are a lot of other factors that can influence match results. Standings are just another factor to consider. Also, be careful about putting too much emphasis on standings early in the season.
  • Time of year – the time of the year can also be an indicator to consider. Early and late season matches may be more unpredictable while mid-season matches may more easily fall into a more predictable pattern.
  • Special circumstances – always look to see if there are special circumstances that could impact a match. For example, is it a derby match e.g. Tottenham Hotspurs v Arsenal, do the teams have past history, does one of the teams have something to play for – like a playoff berth in the championship division.
  • Injuries – this is another important area to consider. Injuries can have a big impact on a team’s performance and because bookies set odds far in advance of a match they may not have taken new injuries into account. So always study team injury reports to gain a possible advantage.

BEST MARKETS: (OVER 1.5 UNDER 2.5 Over 2.5)(Straight wins

(Practical examples )

Betting Type 1– Over/Under Betting

This type of betting is gaining in popularity around the world. The most common form of this type of betting involves the final score of a match.

In this case, the bookmaker will offer odds for different scoring outcomes. For example, if you think the match will end with over 2.5 goals the bookmaker may offer 1.89 odds for that occurring. If you think the score will be under 2.5 goals, the odds may be 1.70.

Here is an example of what would occur if you are betting for the score to be over 2.5 goals:


  • 0 goals scored = LOSS
  • 1 goals scored = LOSS
  • 2 goals scored = LOSS
  • 3+ goals scored = WIN


Betting Type 2 – 3-Way Betting (1X2)

With 3-Way betting you bet on the outcome of a match. You can bet on a team to win, lose or draw in soccer.


If you bet on Team A to win and they do win the match, you win your bet. Likewise, if you bet on Team A to lose or draw and they do, you also win the match.


This is probably the most traditional form of betting and is very straightforward and easy to grasp.


Betting Type 3 – Both Teams to Score Yes/No

This bet is gaining in popularity around the world. Basically, this bet is exactly as it sounds – you either bet that both teams will score in a match or you bet that both teams will not score in the match.

This type of bet is generally considered to be a 50/50 bet meaning odds are pretty much equal for both outcomes.


Betting Type 4 – Multibet Betting

There are several types of multibets, in the most common type is made up of at least two matches and your match predictions must all be right for you to win the bet.

Let’s give an example of how it works. In this example you bet on three matches:

  • Real Madrid vs Valencia, Over 2.5 goals to be scored, Odds 2
  • Manchester United vs Liverpool, Under 2.5 goals to be scored, Odds 1.88
  • Chelsea vs Stoke City, Chelsea to win, odds 1.85


The total Odds for this accumulator would be 2 x 1.88 x 1.85 = 6.96

If your total bet was Kshs 100 and you won all three parts of the accumulator above, your returns would be 100 x 6.96 = 696 – so with a Kshs.100 initial bet your earnings would be Kshs 596.






THINGS TO AVOID  eg long accumulators ,markets like GG&Over 2.5 ,etc