Guaranteed earnings from High odds multibets

Guaranteed earnings from High odds multibets

We believe in ensuring that we provide value to our customers.As Multibet its not just about providing football betting tips,its more about ensuring that our customers find value in the tips provided and the only value we believe in is for our customers to win.

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Here is how you can ALWAYS win from our high odds multibets

All our high odd multibets contain 30 to 100 odds and are made up of 12 to 14 games.

To always make sure you earn we recommend that you split the long multibet provided into three or four smaller multibets.

For example when we provide a 50 odds multibet made up of 14 games the best way to play it is as below:

Step 1:Allocate a stake of ksh 400 for placing your bets

Step 2:Stake ksh 100 on the long multibet of 14 games which would give you winnings of ksh 5000 when it wins

Step 3:Break down the long multibet into three smaller multibets containing 4 games each which will give you minimum odds of 4.How you split the games is at your own discretion but we recommend that you split them in the order that they are arranged


As per the above illustration in the incident that there is  a loss on the multibet there is a high chance that it will not happen on all the smaller multibets. This provides a higher possibility of firstly returning the money you spent to buy the tips and the money you used to place the bets.

It will as well provide an opportunity to make additional profits even when the long multibet fails.

As evident below from our recent performance of high odd multibets that marginally missed winning those who place them with this methodology are almost guaranteed to walk away with profits.

It all about playing it smart and hedging your bets to ensure you always end up a winner

Results of recent high odd multibets that marginally missed