With sportpesa mega jackpot gone now what?

The most popular football mega jackpot that was run by sportpesa is no longer available after sportpesa decided to wind down their operations within the country due to a claimed non-conducive economy to operate in.

This move was driven by the increasing taxation on sports betting by the government of Kenya in an appeared effort to increase tax revenues collected from the highly lucrative industry.

With the sportpesa mega jackpot gone,what is next for punters and what options are left,more so is it even worth it anymore to take part in sports betting in Kenya?

There are numerous sports betting firms that appear to geared towards fill the large gap left with the exit of the mega jackpot.The three major contenders are shabiki with their KES 100M shabiki power 17 jackpot,Betika with their KES 100M mabingwa jackpot and the up and coming mozzarbet that offers a KES 10M jackpot and bonuses on their daily bets to cover the 20% with holding tax.

Of these which might be the most lucrative and attractive enough to tempt punters to take part?

As multibet we unfortunately do not have a preference as each offering has its own pros and cons.We offer predictions for all the mentioned jackpots at a flat fee of KES 99 payable to paybill 554441 acc TIPS.Once a punter makes payment they are sent all the jackpot predictions via sms.

Shabiki power 13 and shabiki power 17 jackpots

Shabiki has been at it for a while on the jackpot game first offering a mid-week jackpot that entailed the punter with the highest number of games correctly predicted to walk away with a pot of KES 10M.

With the exit of sportpesa they have restructured their jackpots to model them after the sportpesa jackpots where one has to correctly predict a certain number of games in order to qualify for a win.

The cost to participate in their jackpots is KES 100 but unfortunately unlike the sportpesa jackpots their jackpots do not grow in the size of the pot week on week but fortunately most of their jackpots have a large number of games that have an easier chance of picking the correct outcome

Betika mabingwa jackpot

Betika mabingwa jackpot offers a chance at winning KES 100M if you correctly predict all 17 games on offer or a change of walking away with a bonus if you are able to correctly predict at least 12 of the 17 games.

Of the mega jackpot replacement offerings this is the cheapest to participate in as it costs a punter KES 49 to place a slip but unfortunately this mega jackpot as well does not grow its pot week on week if the jackpot is not won.

Is shabiki power 17 better than Sportpesa mega jackpot?

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Punters have been raving since shabiki introduced the Kenya shillings 100 million jackpot with 17 games. It is a mirror copy of the Sportpesa mega jackpot and we have been asked countless times whether we think it’s better. Well they both have their advantages and strong points but now that the Sportpesa mega jackpot is unavailable, we felt it fair to compare them so that we know which one to chase if Sportpesa ever comes back.

The Sportpesa mega jackpot has a track record of awarding the prize money and bonuses to winners over since it was introduced. It also has the reputation of consistency with its availability week in week out since launch.

Another advantage of the Sportpesa mega jackpot is that it keeps growing. The prize money starts at Kshs 100 million and keeps increasing it has been won. By the time the government closed sportpesa’s paybill the prize money was Kenya shillings 230 million. Quite a substantial amount.

Shabiki have been offering the power 13 which had very many fans because of the way it was structured. So when they introduced the power 17, many punters stopped and looked at this new supposed gateway to riches.

Well unlike the mega jackpot, the shabiki power 17 doesn’t grow and the prize money is kenya shillings 100 million throughout. Though not attractive as the Sportpesa mega jackpot, we still think that 100 million shillings is quite a substantial sum.

Now ,the shabiki power 17  jackpot has something over the Sportpesa mega jackpot that we think makes it attractive .Bonuses .With Sportpesa mega jackpot ,the bonuses started at 12 correct predictions but with the shabiki power 17 ,the bonuses start being awarded for 10 correct predictions .We all know how hard it is to garner 12 correct predictions but many a punter regularly get 10 and 11.For this sole reason ,we think that Shabiki power 17 has an edge over the Sportpesa mega jackpot .

We have very solid prediction of the shabiki power 13 and you should not be left behind as we attempt to win it .

Good luck


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The relentless calls to the almighty by Kenyan Punters have been heard and Shabiki has answered with a jackpot styled similar to sportpesa’s mega jackpot with an exciting twist.According to the information shared on Shabiki’s website their bonuses will begin from 10 correctly predicted games as opposed to the 12 required on both the Betika mabingwa jackpot and Sportpesa mega jackpot.

While sportpesa is entangled with running battles with the government their competitors appear determined to curve out a larger portion of their market share and if their woes continue they may find a large chunk of their customer base has migrated.

This gives punters a wide berth to work on in an effort to win a bonus.It means that you only require to be 58 percent accurate to qualify for a bonus.That is just awesome as it cuts down the work and effort required to enjoy a congratulations message.

Instructions from the Shabiki site on how to join and Play:

|”How to Join
  1. You join Shabiki Power17 Jackpot by sending an SMS to the short code 29063, upon which your account will be created and you will thereafter receive a confirmatory SMS from us in that regard. You can also join by registering online through our website: href=”/”>www.shabiki.com
  2. Each SMS is charged at the rate of KShs. 2/- each

How to play

  1. You will be charged KShs. 100/- for each prediction
  2. The options on how to play are as follows:
    1. You can place a bet online through our website: www.shabiki.com
    2. You can place a bet by SMS. Jackpot entries via SMS should start with P17# followed by the predictions for the matches. 1 is a home win, 2 is an away win, X is a draw. Any additional digits will be ignored and entry based on the first 17 digits only. Send an SMS “P17# [your 17 predictions]” for example, P17#1X2X2121X2112121X, to 29063 for each bet you wish to place. You will receive an SMS confirmation once the bet is placed.
    3. You can place an Autobet by M-Pesa directly: M-PESA Ksh 100/- to paybill number: 290063, Account No. P17#AUTO. You will receive an SMS confirmation once the bet is placed.
    4. You can place a manual bet by M-Pesa directly: To do so, M-PESA Ksh 100/- to paybill number: 290063, Account No: [Your predictions for the matches]. 1 is a home win, 2 is an away win, X is a draw. Any additional digits will be ignored and entry based on the first 17 digits only. For example, P17#1X2X2121X2112121X. You will receive an SMS confirmation once the bet is placed.”

There you go ,you are now on your way to a possible KES 100 Million win

How does one achieve a bonus in the Shabiki power 17 jackpot?

With a consideration that this jackpot requires one to correctly predict 17 games or at least correctly predict 10 games and above as per shabiki power 17 indicators in order to qualify one to win a bonus,this maybe the most exciting jackpot offering in the Kenyan sports betting industry.

So how do we crack this nut and enjoy all that it may offer? This is how.

In every pool of 17 games there are definitely 4 to 6 games with a possible clear outcome that one can use as the foundation to build up their slip and the trick is to first identify these games out of the pool and undertake extensive research to ensure that you lock in atleast 90 percent of this games.

This will definitely give you a leg up as you would now require roughly 4 to 6 additionally correctly predicted games to solidify your chase for a bonus and this is where the second set of games comes in.

You will need to identify the next set of 4 to 6 games which you can accurately predict their double chance outcomes meaning you would be certain that a specific outcome in the game is highly unlikely.For example if you take a Liverpool vs Fulham game it is highly unlikely that Fulham will be able to beat Liverpool at home meaning the possible outcome of this game is a home win or a draw.

Once you have identified the possible double chance outcomes of the second set of games you then go about creating three separate slips with the first confident 4 to 6 games appearing in all three slips.

You then spread the risk in the double chance games by having the two possible variable outcomes appearing in the three separate slips for all the games .This is called hedging and it increases your probability of correctly predicting at least 10 out of the 17 games and you are thus on your way to a Shabiki power 17 jackpot bonus as required.

Football analysis takes practice and once you get a working system and a rhythm you are more likely than most to accurate predict atleast 70 percent of the games which gives you a regular shot at the shabiki power 17 jackpot bonuses.

Our team of expert analysts have perfected this practice and through our internal algorithms as well we work on providing highly confident Shabiki power 17 jackpot predictions


Aston Villa Vs AFC Bournemouth1X
Brighton Vs West Ham21
Norwich City Vs Newcastle United2X
Blackburn Vs Middlesbrough2X
Luton Vs West Brom11
Millwall Vs Sheffield Wed22
Burton Vs Rotherham1X
Peterborough Vs Ipswich11
Doncaster Vs Fleetwood12
Nantes Vs Marseille2X
Bordeaux Vs Montpellier22
Metz Vs Monaco21
Mallorca Vs Eibar21
Sheffield Utd Vs Crystal Palace21
Eintracht Frankfurt Vs Hoffenheim12
Espanyol Vs Sevilla2X
Perugia Vs Brescia11


Crystal Palace-Everton22
Birmingham vs Bristol City2X
Charlton vs Stoke City21
QPR vs Huddersfield12
KuPS vs Inter Turku22
Cercle Brugge KSV vs KortrijkX1
Dijon vs Saint Etienne2X
Brest vs Toulouse11
Montpellier vs RennesX2
Willem II vs Vitesse22
Fortuna Sittard vs Heracles11
WSG Wattens vs St. Polten21
Charleroi vs Antwerp22
Hacken vs Malmo FF21
Manchester Utd vs Chelsea11
Akhmat Terek Grozny vs Spartak Moscow22