With sportpesa mega jackpot gone now what?

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The most popular football mega jackpot that was run by sportpesa is no longer available after sportpesa decided to wind down its operations within the country due to a claimed non-conducive economy to operate in.

This move was driven by the increased taxation on sports betting by the government of Kenya in an appeared effort to increase tax revenues collected from the highly lucrative industry.

With the sportpesa mega jackpot gone, what is next for punters, and what options are left, more so is it even worth it anymore to take part in sports betting in Kenya?

There are numerous sports betting firms that appear to be geared towards filling the large gap left with the exit of the mega jackpot. The three major contenders are shabiki with their KES 100M shabiki power 17 jackpot,Betika with their KES 100M mabingwa jackpot and the up-and-coming mozzarbet that offers a KES 10M jackpot and bonuses on their daily bets to cover the 20% withholding tax.

Of these which might be the most lucrative and attractive enough to tempt punters to take part?

As multibet we, unfortunately, do not have a preference as each offering has its own pros and cons. We offer predictions for all the mentioned jackpots at a flat fee of KES 99 payable to pay bill 554441 acc TIPS. Once a punter makes a payment they are sent all the jackpot predictions via SMS.

Shabiki power 13 and shabiki power 17 jackpots

Shabiki has been at it for a while on the jackpot game first offering a mid-week jackpot that entailed the punter with the highest number of games correctly predicted to walk away with a pot of KES 10M.

With the exit of sportpesa they have restructured their jackpots to model them after the sportpesa jackpots where one has to correctly predict a certain number of games in order to qualify for a win.

The cost to participate in their jackpots is KES 100 but unfortunately, unlike the sportpesa jackpots their jackpots do not grow in the size of the pot week on week but fortunately, most of their jackpots have a large number of games that have an easier chance of picking the correct outcome

Betika mabingwa jackpot

Betika mabingwa jackpot offers a chance at winning KES 100M if you correctly predict all 17 games on offer or a chance of walking away with a bonus if you are able to correctly predict at least 12 of the 17 games.

Of the mega jackpot replacement offerings, this is the cheapest to participate in as it costs a punter KES 49 to place a slip but unfortunately, this mega jackpot as well does not grow its pot week on the week if the jackpot is not won.