Is shabiki power 17 better than Sportpesa mega jackpot?

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Punters have been raving since shabiki introduced the Kenya shillings 100 million jackpot with 17 games. It is a mirror copy of the Sportpesa mega jackpot and we have been asked countless times whether we think it’s better. Well they both have their advantages and strong points but now that the Sportpesa mega jackpot is unavailable, we felt it fair to compare them so that we know which one to chase if Sportpesa ever comes back.

The Sportpesa mega jackpot has a track record of awarding the prize money and bonuses to winners over since it was introduced. It also has the reputation of consistency with its availability week in week out since launch.

Another advantage of the Sportpesa mega jackpot is that it keeps growing. The prize money starts at Kshs 100 million and keeps increasing it has been won. By the time the government closed sportpesa’s paybill the prize money was Kenya shillings 230 million. Quite a substantial amount.

Shabiki have been offering the power 13 which had very many fans because of the way it was structured. So when they introduced the power 17, many punters stopped and looked at this new supposed gateway to riches.

Well unlike the mega jackpot, the shabiki power 17 doesn’t grow and the prize money is kenya shillings 100 million throughout. Though not attractive as the Sportpesa mega jackpot, we still think that 100 million shillings is quite a substantial sum.

Now ,the shabiki power 17  jackpot has something over the Sportpesa mega jackpot that we think makes it attractive .Bonuses .With Sportpesa mega jackpot ,the bonuses started at 12 correct predictions but with the shabiki power 17 ,the bonuses start being awarded for 10 correct predictions .We all know how hard it is to garner 12 correct predictions but many a punter regularly get 10 and 11.For this sole reason ,we think that Shabiki power 17 has an edge over the Sportpesa mega jackpot .

We have very solid prediction of the shabiki power 13 and you should not be left behind as we attempt to win it .

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Shabiki power 17 bonuses

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The Shabiki power 17 jackpot is a tremendous offering as it provides bonuses for as low as 10 out 17 correctly predicted games.This is probably the easier of the jackpots currently on offer in the Kenyan sports betting history.

Last week’s bonus payouts were as below and gave hope to punters who had initially been locked out of lucrative and opportune jackpots due to the closure of sportpesa and its famous Sportpesa jackpot predictions.

It is definitely worth the effort to try out the shabiki power 17 jackpot.If for example you decide to risk with 10 independent slips which would require an investment of KES 1000.

If you were fortunate enough to have one of this slips at 10 games correctly predicted and another at 11 games correctly predicted that would mean that you have actually made a profit on the jackpot.

The trick with any jackpot is to figure out a balance between trials or attempts and possible payout of won attempts.With 17 games on offer your probability of a clean sweep is the three possible outcomes of a game i.e home,draw and win to the power of the number of games i.e 17 games.

That is your probability is 1 in 129,140,163 but when you consider targeting bonuses your chances increase.For example your probability to get 10 out 17 correctly predicted games is 1 in 59,049 which increases your chances at making some money 2000 times.

Last week’s shabiki power 17 bonuses

14 out of 17 Kes 408,088 Each

13 out of 17 Kes 42,509 Each

12 out of 17 Kes 7,202 Each

11 out of 17 Kes 2,082 Each

10 out of 17 Kes 755 EACH