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Betika and in turn betika mega jackpot is soon coming back and aren’t we excited.We would like to give you a few tricks on how to come up with high confidence betika mega jackpot predictions.

Punters have had alternative jackpot offers from shabiki and Betika but there is nothing that currently holds a candle to betika mega jackpot.Although shabiki power 17 jackpot comes close with its 10 game bonus but the fact that the betika mega jackpot grows its port every week with KES 10 million makes it more lucrative and more attractive especially if you have a solid formular to come up with betika mega jackpot predictions.

Betika mega jackpot is the only jackpot thus far in Kenya that offers a large pot while still offering reasonable bonus opportunities.If the whole shebang is not won this week not to worry you still have a chance the next week and even better the pot has grown by KES 10 Million,I get jitters just thinking about the prospects and exciting to work on my betika mega jackpots predictions algorithm in preparation of the grant return.

Although all jackpots are extremely challenging and one punter in a million have come to enjoy the millions that the whole pot offers many participates have still reaped hundreds of thousands to millions of shilling through bonus payouts especially those who have invested time in coming up with high confident betika mega jackpot predictions.

So how do you come up with a solid methodology for betika mega jackpot predictions?

First things first is that you need to understand that the betika mega jackpot is nothing but a 17 fold multibet whose single limitation is that it only allows 3 way predictions (although you as well can have 3 way double chance options but these will cost you more per slip)

So how do you tackle a 17 fold multibet?The answer is one game at a time.Most people are intimidated by the betika mega jackpot due the fact that you have been represented with 17 games and you have to correctly predict 12 games to just qualify for the lowest bonus level.As we have been doing this we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we believe can aid you in creating winning betika mega jackpot predictions.

Step 1: Dont look at the betika mega jackpot games based on their numbered sequence but rather try and identify the most number of games that you can accurately predict.These can be teams you recognise or leagues that you recongize.

The trick is to identify those anchor games that you have an easier time identifying a possible outcome and the more games you can identify as your anchor games the better but our recommendation is try and identify between 5 and 7 games.Put all your research efforts in these games to ensure that you come up with an accurate prediction as possible for each game

STEP 2: Create multibets of 4 to 5 games each from the betika mega jackpot games.Create three categories i.e easier,challenging and hard and allocate each game to one of these categories based on your confidence in the predicted outcome.Once you complete this exercise the the easier category of games that will most probably be constituted of 4 to 5 games can work as your anchor games.

The reason we make these categories is that it makes the next step easier.

STEP3: Come up with the most probable double chance outcome of the challenging and hard categories.Double chances make your predicted outcomes most likely by a percentage of 66% meaning your probability of a loss has been reduced to 33%.



Betika Jackpot

Most punters have asked us whether we think Sportpesa will come back soon. Communication from the betting firm indicates that they will come back soon though we don’t have definite date. We obviously miss the mega jackpot but betika and Shabiki seem to have moved in fast to fill in the shoes left by the mega jackpot. We think that they are doing a pretty good job with the mega jackpot replicas.

We have seen their bonuses and we think that the betika jackpot though not a growing one like the Sportpesa mega jackpot is worth the try.

Is it harder or easier than the Sportpesa mega jackpot?

Jackpots are in another word multibets or accumulators. They are never easy and they never will. By the nature of the prize sum, the bookies purposely choose games that can go either way to increase the permutations and the likelihood of not being won.

The betika jackpot is no different. Now that the league games are back, you should expect it to be a little bit hard because there is huge of selection of games to choose from.

How do you plan to win it?

We never back down from a challenge .We came very close to winning the Sportpesa mega jackpot and we won the bonus several times and we think the betika jackpot will be no different .We are determined to win it because at the end of the day we have a methodology that works .

Get our well researched Betika jackpot today .

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Click here to get this week’s Betika Mabingwa jackpot predictions.

With the absence of the sportpesa mega jackpot many punting enthusiasts have been denied a chance at the win of a life time but Betika appears to have sensed the need of such a challenge and have come up with a similar product,the Betika Mabingwa jackpot.

Betika’s Mabingwa jackpot appears to have similar traits to the sportpesa mega jackpot as it starts of with a KES 100 Million purse and offers punters the opportunity to try and correctly predict 17 games on offer.

The bonus structure for this jackpot appears to be the same as well with bonus starting from 12 games predicted correctly on wards.This offers a great opportunity for those true believers who enthusiastically played the sportpesa mega jackpot.

What does this mean for sportpesa who are still entangled in a court case with the goverment?Well truth be told they now have a genuine fight on their hands in the jackpot market and the longer their downtime continues the worse of they will be as we predict a great exodus of their customers who will definitely move over to Betika Mabingwa jackpot.

Below are the games on offer on this weekend’s mabingwa KES 100 Million jackpot and we will be providing a free Betika Mabingwa jackpot prediction for this tomorrow.Click here to get this week’s Betika Mabinga jackpot predictions

A punter only needs KES 49 in their Betika wallet to take part in this excitingly new offering.

How does one achieve a bonus in the Betika Mabingwa jackpot?

With a consideration that this jackpot requires one to correctly predict 17 games or at least correctly predict 12 games and above in order to qualify one to win a bonus one requires a solid structure on how to tackle this task.

In every pool of 17 games there are definitely 4 to 6 games with a possible clear outcome that one can use as the foundation to build up their slip and the trick is to first identify these games out of the pool and undertake extensive research to ensure that you lock in atleast 90 percent of this games.

This will definitely give you a leg up as you would now require roughly 6 to 8 additionally correctly predicted games to solidify your chase for a bonus and this is where the second set of games comes in.

You will need to identify the next set of 4 to 6 games which you can accurately predict their double chance outcomes meaning you would be certain that a specific outcome in the game is highly unlikely.For example if you take a Manchester city vs Chelsea game it is highly unlikely that Chelsea will be able to beat Manchester city at home meaning the possible outcome of this game is a home win or a draw.

Once you have identified the possible double chance outcomes of the second set of games you then go about creating three separate slips with the first confident 4 to 6 games appearing in all four slips.

You then spread the risk in the double chance games by having the two possible variable outcomes appearing in the three separate slips for all the games .This is called hedging and it increases your probability of correctly predicting atleast 10 out of the 17 games correctly and you are thus on your way to a Betika mabingwa jackpot bonus.

Football analysis takes practice and once you get a system and a rhythm you are more likely than most to accurate predict atleast 70 percent of the games which gives you a regular shot at the Betika Mabingwa jackpot bonuses.

Our team of expert analysts have perfected this practice and through our internal algorithms as well we work on providing highly confident Betika mabingwa jackpot predictions