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Looking for an accurate football prediction website? We have a success rate of over 85% on our daily football predictions.


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1.What makes an accurate football prediction website

2.Factors to look at when selecting an accurate football prediction site

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What makes an accurate football prediction website

The sole purpose of a football prediction website is to provide punters with well researched, high probability football predictions that will increase their chances of a win. If a soccer tips website or a soccer prediction website does not meet this criteria then it cannot be considered as an accurate site.

What do we mean by accurate football predictions?

Every betting market has its possible outcome probabilities, for example the over 1.5 market has a fifty percent probability for each match up meaning the goals scored can either be over 1.5 meaning at least two goals or under 1.5 meaning less than two goals.

An example is the three way betting market meaning win, draw, loss. Each outcome has a thirty three percent probability for each match up.

By accurate football predictions we mean correctly preempting the outcome of a match up for a specific betting market and sustaining these predictions over a prolonged period of time.

Factors to look at when selecting an accurate football prediction site is the preferred football prediction website for those punters looking for accurate predictions that would enable them profit from betting on football matches.

Consistent winning football predictions:

To be considered an accurate football prediction website, there should be evidence of providing winning football tips on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time. A site does not necessary need to provide winning football predictions every day for 365 days a year but rather needs to show that they have a higher win rate preferably above 60% per week. currently achieves a success rate of over 80% per week meaning it mitigates its loss to a maximum of three days a week.

Profitable football predictions:

Punters do not just want to place bets for the sake of it, every punter is optimistic about winning and making a profit on their was designed specifically to empower punters achieve more profitability in sports betting.

The current estimates are that over 95% of bet placers do not win with some having a loss ratio of over 99% meaning they only win one bet for every 100 bets placed. With punters are able to bring up their winning averages to above 60% meaning if you place a single bet a day for seven days, by using accurate football predictions from you are able to win in four of those days and possibly double your stake week on week.

The below infographic illustrates an example of making profits with just four wins in a week if you are able to be consistent with your odds and stakes which bingpredict aides you to do.

Accurate football predictions formular
100 accurate football predictons

Transparency and providing honest results:

Trust is a two way street and as such as we believe in being transparent and always publishing our honest performance as well as providing free access to our previous performances.

We can brag about how we are the number one (#1 football prediction website in the world) and so forth but we honestly believe that our performances are our best marketing tools. To be clear we don’t claim to sell fixed matches or sure win tips but in all honesty we are the single most accurate football prediction website that comes close to providing sure win soccer tips.

Provides its customers with tangible value:

What is the essence of sourcing sure win tips form an accurate football prediction website if they do not provide you any value. You might as well just undertake your own analysis, come up with your own predictions and cross your fingers as you place your bet.

As we are true believers that by providing our customers with value we in turn are creating a community that will stick with us and that will market us to their relations.

How do we provide value:

  • We work to ensure that our customers are profiting from our services
  • We provide football predictions that we use ourselves for our own bets
  • We provide multiple avenues of communication to enable our customers easily get in touch with us
  • We continuously evaluate and work to improve our predictive algorithms in an effort to increase accuracy
  • We provide affordable and easily accessible 100 sure  football predictions
how to profit from sports betting
The cardinal rules on how to profit from sports betting

How to test if a football prediction website is accurate

On, this can be simply done through the below steps:

1.Review our historical data

We provide 30 days of historical data that is free to review without registering for a premium account

2.7 day free trial

We provide our new customers with a free seven day free trial that you can use to evaluate our performance risk free.

3. Free daily football predictions

On’s homepage you will find free daily football predictions that you can use to test out the accuracy of our algorithm. The sure tips for today are free for use and free to share


Why choose as your preferred accurate football prediction website?

  • offers affordable monthly packages to enable you generate consistent profits from sports betting
  • provides excellent customer service through phone or chat 24/7
  • provides a seven day free trial account that you can use to test out our accurate football prediction algorithm free of commitments.

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