Sportpesa Jackpot Predictions

Football has to be one of, if not the most uniting sport on the planet. Consequently, the sports betting bug has clearly taken a huge bite of the Kenyan market. Sports betting firms such as Sportpesa have literally made millionaires overnight.

At, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with sports betting tips including the Sportpesa jackpot predictions to help you optimize your chances of landing a winning betslip on your way to becoming the next millionaire in town.

As you probably know by now, after betting for months, predicting football matches isn’t as easy as some would like you to believe.

The home team isn’t guaranteed a win and one’s favorite team loses on the regular.

The sure-bets have proven time and time again that such a term is just wishful thinking. Draws are common and there are elements of the game that cannot be foreseen such as red cards and injuries.

However, at, we focus on crunching stats such as past records, current form, head to head record history amongst numerous other parameters to tip the scale in your favor.

The Sportpesa weekly jackpot is pretty simple to enter. There are 13 total jackpot games. More importantly, one can win instant cash bonuses by making 10,11 or 12 correct predictions, I’m talking about millions in bonuses.

The main focus is always on the Sportpesa jackpot and to win it, you will need more than good fortune. The element of statistics is key when it comes to Sportpesa jackpot predictions plus a lot of patience and a sprinkling of luck.

The jackpot isn’t exactly won every other week which goes to show that for an accurate sportpesa jackpot prediction, one needs to crunch in some serious numbers.

This is where comes in to give a hand. Numbers is what we are good at and our track record can be seen via customer feedback. So why not join us today and give it a shot, you never know, you could be the next Ogada.

Our Sportpesa jackpot predictions aren’t sure bets but as we found out earlier, there’s no such thing as a sure-bets.

What we can guarantee however, is that by involving factual statistics, the odds are slightly tilted in your favor.

We carry out in depth Sportpesa jackpot predictions to ensure that we give you the most likely outcome as far as statistics are concerned.

To our members, all the best in your Sportpesa jackpot games this week.

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