Sportpesa App

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We provide a guide on how you can use the app to bet and make money

With the coming of sports based gambling or betting in Kenya there in turn have come stories of betting enthusiasts obtaining instant fortunes and no other betting provider has made as many millionaires in Kenya as has Sportspesa from the luck few winners of the mega jackpot to the many luck winners of the mid week jackpot each offer multiples of millionaires to the fortunate sportpesa customers.

Betting in Kenya has been made easier than ever with the use of mobile based applications and Sportspesa has its own.The app is a direct replica of the sportpesa’s website and is as easy to navigate through.

How to get the application:

A user has only to search for the term sportspesa app on their android phones play store and the first result is the installation package for the application.The user will be provided with a option of installing the application on which when choosen the application will automatically download.Once the download is complete the user will be provided an option to install the application then to open it.

You can as well get the application by clicking  here

Login into application:

Once the application is installed and opened you will first encounter the login page that will require you to input your login details i.e mobile number and password assuming that you are a registered user.

Look and feel of the application:

The application has been well designed to mimick the look and feel of the sportpesa website.The color scheme,page layout and navigation markers have been placed as they mostly are on the website making it easy for sportpesa customers to navigate through the application panes as if they were actually on the web based website.

The critical navigation panes on the application

Today’s games pane:

The pane displaying the days games is easy to maneuver,has a scroll down capability that makes it easy for a user to view the select games of the day. Sportpesa has as well made it easy for their customers to access the mixed market options by creating a well highlighted option of “view more markets” that appears below each game.

Searching upcoming games:

For those of us who play multiday multibets you are able to easily search for upcoming games through the upcoming games pane that has a well placed search feild

(How to navigate to upcoming games)

click on football then upcoming games option displayed on the home page and this will direct you to the pane for upcoming games.You are now able to search for upcoming games using either of the teams’ names.This makes it easy for users to create multibets on the application

Deposting  and withdrawing cash/float through the app

Sportpesa app has made it easy for you to get instructions on how to deposit your float onto the platform.You just need to click on the yellow deposit funds marker on the application and this will direct you to detailed instructions on how to deposit funds.

Withdrawing cash on the application is as easy as clicking on the withdraw tab on the home page,keying your mobile number,the amount and clicking withdraw and you have your cash sent your phone

Placing a bet:

So how do you go about placing a bet on the sportpesa app,well first you need to do your research or consult one of the top tip providers in the country for the right games to place your bets on.

Once you have established the games you want to place your bets on you then navigate to the football pane and you are provided with four options of where to get the choosen games (Highlights which are the games that sportspesa has choosen to display for that day,countries where games have been catagerized based on the countries they belong to,today’s games which is a list of all the day’s games that sportpesa is offering and upcoming games which provides the option of searching games that are yet to be played irrespective of the date and time they are to be played)

once you identify the game you want to bet on then you click on the various options on offer:

Click on the home team if you believe the win will be theirs

Click on the away tem if you believe the win with be thiers

Click on the draw option if you believe there will be no winner

click on “view 13 more markets” if you prefer to spread the risk from choosing a straight win to mixed markets odds such as overs,unders,correct scores,full time/half time scores,goal/no goal and more

Sportspesa and inturn the sportspesa app offers users with a magnitude of possible outcomes for each game which gives odd takers multiple probabilities of a win as well as trap holes for possible losses.

A few of the options offered per game on the sportpesa app:

Did I win?

well this is the most common question that most betters wake up with the day after they placed the multibet consisting of the evening games.Well when you are using the sportpesa app there is no need of searching through your multitude of missed texts for that all so sort after congratulations text.You just need to navigate to the bet history tab.

You are able to search for all the bets you have ever placed even those placed through the website and it will give you a breakdown including outcomes of each game.