A multibet also known as an accumulator or parlay is a bet whereby you combine multiple games in a bet slip. Multibets are attractive because of the high odds but for you to win, all games must go as predicted. Kenyans love multibets because of the potential high payouts even though very few people win consistently.

Every game is potentially risky and the moment you place several games in a slip, you multiply the risk and odds of winning are against you. That is not to say that you cannot win with multibets. In fact, you can and many people win big every weekend.

The biggest question many people act why always one game? As mentioned above, a multibet multiplies risks and the odds of losing become multiplied. Football being a team sport is very random and now you can imagine the randomness involved when you have 6 games in one bet slip. A red card in just one game or an own goal will affect the outcome of the multibet. A poor result in one match will also affect the outcome of the multibet and make you lose. The fact is that multibets can lose by one game two games or even all games.

The best way to guarantee winning in multibets is to always separate them. Say you have a multibet with 12 games with total odds of 80. You can place several multibets; that is, Multibet A with all the games in one slip just in case all the games come though. You can also separate the multibets and place two slips of six games each. In the event that one game fails, you will have one slip with up to 9 odds coming through. That is your insurance.

To be even safer, you can breakdown the slips further into 4 slips of 3 games and stake heavily on each slip. If they all come through, you will make insane profits. In the event that one or two games fail, you will have made little profit.

The good thing with multibets is that even if you just need to win one multibet per month to make crazy profit .

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