Every Kenyan gambler’s dream is to win the Sportpesa mega jackpot and retire with a beautiful babe in the horizon .Few people have had the privilege or pleasure of receiving that congratulations SMS and follow up from Karauri the Sportpesa CEO .Despite trying every week, very few gamblers get to win including the elusive bonus .

The Sportpesa mega jackpot consists of 17 games and one needs to get at least 12 games correct to qualify for the bonus. The amount is usually dependent on the number of people who have won as its usually shared.

Last Week’s bonuses were as follows?

15 Correct predictions   2,737,874 shillings

14 correct predictions   288,997    shillings

13 correct predictions     55,974    shillings

12 correct predictions     13,800    shillings

So as you can see above, just one bonus amount can give you good amount to fight for another day. Now back to our main question. Why is the Sportpesa mega jackpot so tough?

Remember that jackpot consists of 17 games. The  Sportpesa mega jackpot games are usually not randomly selected but through careful analysis by the Sportpesa statisticians and traders .The mega jackpot games outcomes are  sometimes random that it’s hard to predict them even with deep research .One soccer game has got three possible outcomes.  Home, Draw Away. Add another game now they are two and you another set of three possible outcomes. If you combine the two games, you now have 9 possible outcomes.

For those that did maths you might remember exponents.

3^2 =9

Three games


For just three games, you need to place 27 slips to cover all the potential outcomes.

Now let’s calculate all the 17 games

3^17=129,140,163. This in a nut shell means that you the 17 games have a combined possible outcome of 130 million. Meaning that you would have to spend close to 12 billion shillings to be guaranteed of winning the mega jackpot.

I don’t want to win the mega jackpot. Just bonus

Ok. So you don’t want to win the mega jackpot. Just the minimum bonus amount. Remember you have to get the outcome of 12 games correct. Back to our maths .

One game has got 3 possible outcomes.So for 13 games .


So as you can see above, just 12 games have more than five hundred thousand possible outcomes which is why even winning the bonus of 12 games is no mean feat.

How then can I increase my chances of wining

Don’t despair though, there are tactics and strategies one can use to win the mega jackpot despite the obvious odds being stuck again you.

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