Do we offer pay after win?Yes we do up to 100 odds.Read on to see how to get them

We have received multiple requests for pay after win multibets and yes we provide pay after win but this is only applicable to our paying customers.Meaning we have to have your number in our systems to be able to send you the pay after win offers and the only way that your number can be in our system is by purchasing any of our services.

For example you can purchase daily 2.5 odds multibet by paying ksh 49 to till no 498074 to qualify for high odds pay after win offers.

Find below this weekend’s pay after win multibet offer.

Pay ksh 1000 to till no 498074 once you win

Recommended stake is KES 100 per slip

We call this the Eddy’s jackpot whose methodology was designed by one of our guru punters named Eddy.His methodology involves hedging which is simply taking advantage of multiple slips of the same games to cover most of the possible outcomes.This increases your chances of a win by up to 95%

The shared game ids are for sportpesa. We wish you luck and great tidings