Halftime/fulltime or correct score which one can easily make you money

Kenyan bettors are on the craze for ht/ft and correct score but do we really understand the dynamics of these markets,are they long shots or is there a formula that can enable one to profit from one or all of these markets?

At Multibet we have a formular that enables us to win a minimum of 4 days of the week on halftime/fulltime and a minimum of  3 days of the week on correct score.


1.Manage your Greed:

Do not try and use these markets as get rich quick schemes.I know many tipsters out there are promising their customers heaven on earth with exuberant odds.If you are being given over 100 odds on a multibet with two games for correct score or ht/ft i bet you money that you will fall flat on your face.Sports betting is about math and there is no way that the bookies would make it so easily for you to turn KES 50 into KES 5000 with just two games plus common sense dictates that with this kinds of probabilities you are better of trying to rob a bank while blind folded.

Throw out the greed and stick to the fundamentals of statistics

2.Fundamentals of statistics:Halftime/Fulltime

I will make it quick and simple.

Work with two games where one of the teams is greatly stronger than the other say Man city playing with cardiff and chelsea playing with huddersfield. The possibility of the stronger team will always be about 70% meaning the outcome will most definitely  be X/1 or 1/1. With that simple rule you are 80% on your way to conquering the ht/ft.

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3.Fundamentals of statistics:Correct score

It is easier to predict a 0:0 outcome rather than a 5:1 outcome just thing about it.You only need to identify a game that has a high likelihood of having under 2.5 goals meaning the possible outcome would be 0:0,1:0,0:1 and 1:1.By just identifying a game with a high likelihood of having less than 3 goals you move your probability of winning correct score  from until hell freezes over to 1 in 4

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