Can gambling change your life

How to make money through football sports betting

Can gambling make you money and if yes how do you go about not loosing your shirt like all the other gamblers who have never received the elusive congratulations message.

Its simple.Treat sports betting just like any other business.All businesses have to abide by certain key principles such as cost of sale,profit and loss,margin and so on and if you apply these principles to sports betting as well you will be able to make profits from this soul swallowing en devour.

Principle 1:Margins/profits/Odds

The bookie provides odds but most do not understand how to leverage these odds to be a profitable gambler or greed takes over and they throw this critical principal out of the window.

Its not about how many odds you can stack onto your betting slip coz if kushinda ingekuwa kujaza odds on your betting slips then we would be all pushing over finches on the smooth Thika Road.Its all about understanding that every game offered by the bookie has a profit attached.

For example a game with 1.35 odds is actually offering you 35% profit on your stake which is mind blowing if you think about it in business terms.If you were selling shoes and were successfully making 35% profit on each shoe you sell your business would be extremely successful.

If you can get a single solid game everyday that has 1.35 odds on acceptable markets such as over 1.5 odds or double chances and stake KES 1000 each day it would mean you make KES 350 a day on a single game and KES 10,500 a month.Even if assumedly your success rate was 75% you would still end up with a profit of more than KES 3500 each month from a single game  per day of 1.35 odds

Principle 2:Risk managment

Do you know why the house always wins?Most of the time it is because of our greed.For every game that you add on your multibet you are reducing your probability of a win.

A single game when placed as a double chance offers you a probability of 66% statistically and with a little bit of research you can increase that probability.

Play it smart and limit the number of games you place on a single multibet to 4 or less for better chances.

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