The MJP games for this week are out and it promises to be a tough one.14 games are from the lower
English leagues ,2 from Serie A and one from La liga. We never back down from a challenge and this
week we will try our best to make sure that we and our subscribers win the bonus.
The games are as below.
Burnley———————————–Fulham FC
Ipswich Town—————————Rotherham FC
Birmingham Town———————Middlesbough United FC
Cheltenham—————————–Tranmere Rovers Football Club
Shrewbury——————————-Chalton FC
Northampton—————————-Carlisle United FC
Crewe————————————-Newport United FC
Notts County—————————-Cambridge United FC
Brentford———————————Stoke City FC
Preston————————————Swansea FC
Fleetwood——————————–Oxford City FC
Sunderland——————————-Luton Town FC
Bury—————————————-MK Dons FC
Port Vale———————————-Colchester FC
Sampdoria——————————–Ac Milan FC
Torino————————————–Fiorentina FC
Athletic Bilabao————————–Sevilla FC
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Every Kenyan gambler’s dream is to win the Sportpesa mega jackpot and retire with a beautiful babe in the horizon .Few people have had the privilege or pleasure of receiving that congratulations SMS and follow up from Karauri the Sportpesa CEO .Despite trying every week, very few gamblers get to win including the elusive bonus .

The Sportpesa mega jackpot consists of 17 games and one needs to get at least 12 games correct to qualify for the bonus. The amount is usually dependent on the number of people who have won as its usually shared.

Last Week’s bonuses were as follows?

15 Correct predictions   2,737,874 shillings

14 correct predictions   288,997    shillings

13 correct predictions     55,974    shillings

12 correct predictions     13,800    shillings

So as you can see above, just one bonus amount can give you good amount to fight for another day. Now back to our main question. Why is the Sportpesa mega jackpot so tough?

Remember that jackpot consists of 17 games. The  Sportpesa mega jackpot games are usually not randomly selected but through careful analysis by the Sportpesa statisticians and traders .The mega jackpot games outcomes are  sometimes random that it’s hard to predict them even with deep research .One soccer game has got three possible outcomes.  Home, Draw Away. Add another game now they are two and you another set of three possible outcomes. If you combine the two games, you now have 9 possible outcomes.

For those that did maths you might remember exponents.

3^2 =9

Three games


For just three games, you need to place 27 slips to cover all the potential outcomes.

Now let’s calculate all the 17 games

3^17=129,140,163. This in a nut shell means that you the 17 games have a combined possible outcome of 130 million. Meaning that you would have to spend close to 12 billion shillings to be guaranteed of winning the mega jackpot.

I don’t want to win the mega jackpot. Just bonus

Ok. So you don’t want to win the mega jackpot. Just the minimum bonus amount. Remember you have to get the outcome of 12 games correct. Back to our maths .

One game has got 3 possible outcomes.So for 13 games .


So as you can see above, just 12 games have more than five hundred thousand possible outcomes which is why even winning the bonus of 12 games is no mean feat.

How then can I increase my chances of wining

Don’t despair though, there are tactics and strategies one can use to win the mega jackpot despite the obvious odds being stuck again you.

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A multibet also known as an accumulator or parlay is a bet whereby you combine multiple games in a bet slip. Multibets are attractive because of the high odds but for you to win, all games must go as predicted. Kenyans love multibets because of the potential high payouts even though very few people win consistently.

Every game is potentially risky and the moment you place several games in a slip, you multiply the risk and odds of winning are against you. That is not to say that you cannot win with multibets. In fact, you can and many people win big every weekend.

The biggest question many people act why always one game? As mentioned above, a multibet multiplies risks and the odds of losing become multiplied. Football being a team sport is very random and now you can imagine the randomness involved when you have 6 games in one bet slip. A red card in just one game or an own goal will affect the outcome of the multibet. A poor result in one match will also affect the outcome of the multibet and make you lose. The fact is that multibets can lose by one game two games or even all games.

The best way to guarantee winning in multibets is to always separate them. Say you have a multibet with 12 games with total odds of 80. You can place several multibets; that is, Multibet A with all the games in one slip just in case all the games come though. You can also separate the multibets and place two slips of six games each. In the event that one game fails, you will have one slip with up to 9 odds coming through. That is your insurance.

To be even safer, you can breakdown the slips further into 4 slips of 3 games and stake heavily on each slip. If they all come through, you will make insane profits. In the event that one or two games fail, you will have made little profit.

The good thing with multibets is that even if you just need to win one multibet per month to make crazy profit .

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How to win regularly on the mega jackpot

We provide the best analysis of the sportpesa jackpot through extensive analysis of various variables that determine the probable outcome of the sportpesa jackpot games and enhance your winning probabilities. Check out our mega jackpot predictions here

Our predictions come as well with a free multibet that has upto 10 odds and comprises of Saturday and Sunday games.We provide this multibet so that in the instance that we fall short on bonus our customers are able to recoup their investment and reinvest the next week on mega jackpot without incurring additional costs

When one says sportpesa jackpot we all immediately think of the endless possibilities in enhancing our existence on this earth if we were to win the one hundred plus million kenya shillings.

Sportspesa has fired up the hopes and dreams of Kenyans by providing an equal playing platform for anyone irrespective of who is your father, your gender, economic status, employment status, political affiliations and so on to play the odds and stand a chance to make more money than five previous generations of your keen.

Sportpesa jackpot is an offering by sportpesa which is the mammoth sports betting company in Kenya that entails correctly predicting a certain set of predetermined football matches in an effort to win millions of shillings while only investing Kenya shillings one hundred.It sounds like a ponzi skim if it were not for the evidence of the power of the jackpots with the likes of Abisai and Ogada who can now afford to buy a small island of the coast of mombasa.

The science of it is very interesting,you are given thirteen to seventeen foreign matches (if they were KPL matches tungeshuku) and are tasked to predict out of the three possible outcomes (a limited number of double chances are allowed at an additional cost) of win,draw,loss which will be correct and are then offered millions of shillings for your “hard work” and you are only required to show good faith with an meager investment of Kenya shillings one hundred.Can it get any better than that am sure even Hollywood would not be as creative in the creation of their blockbusters.

But is it really that simple,the answer is “no” evident with the fact that it has only been won thrice since its inception.The interesting bit which is greatly over looked by the majority of bet placers who invest thousands of shillings in the pursuit of money fueled happiness is that their have been multiples of hundreds more winners of the sportpesa jackpot bonuses than there are winners of the whole lot.

Wouldn’t common sense then dictate that the right boar to hunt and squire are the bonuses which as the common phrase state are the lower hanging fruits.

Ask yourself what would you do with two million Kenya shillings or six hundred thousand which were the jackpot and mega jackpot highest paid bonuses the week of February 19 2018 respectively.I certainly would be glad to have some extra change to straighten out my financial obligations.Playing the sportpesa jackpot smart is hedging your chances to increase your probability of cracking the bonus stratosphere and by some good luck you may just hit the mother load and make your neighbors envious by being picked from your house like a “bowssssss!!!!”

Get in the game is the famous slogan for the Sportpesa platform and it rightly embodies the attitude required if you are to successfully chase some wins while playing Sportpesa jackpots.”Get in the game” and work smart with a methodology geared towards optimizing your chances of winning some coins.

Multi bet Kenya offers value services that are backed my professional and strategic research geared towards increasing the ratio variant in favor of you.

How do we go about this?

Firstly we address the challenge as a statistical problem that we need to solve for the prediction of football matches is very possible with the use of performance based statistics of each team and the players constituting the team.


Team Form:

There are multiple variables that contribute to a team’s form meaning its ability or inability to win matches,score goals,defend against conceding to many goals e.t.c

Players that have played longest together inevitably cultivate great chemistry and in turn great form.Look at Leicester’s meteoric rise and its consistent fighting spirit.A huge part of this can be attributed to the fact that as they joined the EPL majority of the players had played together since the 2013-2014 lower leagues season and it was almost instinctual how they decimated the other so called EPL Goliaths.

As evident on the below stats from wikipedia about Leicester’s magnificent season team chemistry and in turn team form is the secret juice to significant triumphs

Recent form:

Each season a team will either improve their form or deteriorate in performance and this plays a big contributor to their winning or loosing streaks. There are teams who can not shake of a loosing streak and there are those like the formidable Manchester united,Porto and Bayer Munich who cannot help themselves while there are those like west bromwich Albion who despite their best attempts seem not to be able to share off loss after loss.


Call it myth superstition or whatever you want but there are some teams that despite their prowess they are always doomed to failure when playing that un defeatable rival.Look at Reims and Tours,despite the fact that Reims is considered a top tier french ligue 2 team and Tours a bottom tier french ligue 2 team they always have an extremely hard time in winning a match against tours.This is evident with the table below

Injury reports:

An injury of anchor players such as messi,pogba,ozil and others usually throws the team in a bit of disarray and usually almost always impacts their capability to attack or defend.

Injury reports may provide some insight on how the teams will play during their next encounters and enable one to predict the possible outcomes.This information can be accessed on such sites

Head to head analysis

A comparative report indicating the previous encounters between teams provides insights on the possible outcomes of matches.The analysis has to be done for matches played over a number for recent form maybe misleading.

As an example lets take Juventus vs Atlanta,over the last four years Atlanta has never defeated Juventus and this indicates that it is almost inevitable that all encounters will be won by Juventus especially those where they are playing at home.

What the teams may gain or loose in the match?

This has been best demonstrated during the 2017-2018 English premier league season where the teams in the lower positions of the table have been out performing the top placed teams as they try to escape the relegation zone.This information can be accesses from such sites.

You can as well get this information from authoritative sources such as sports broadcasters

There are many more variables that as multibet kenya we consider to ensure that we provide bankable predictions on the sportpesa mega jackpot.Visit us here to enjoy our well researched tips

What can winning the sportpesa mega jackpot do for you?

Hypothetically if the mega jackpot purse was reset to kenyan shillings a hundred million and you happened to correctly guess the outcomes of the seventeen games and won.What would that mean for you?

Financial security.

No more paying rent,no more hustles in catching a matatu because you would be in a position to drive a modest car of your choice,no more worries about KPLC,NWSC,GOTV,ZUKU bills and most importantly no more putting in twelve hours a day to earn peanuts.

With KSh 100,000,000 (look at that beautiful almost enchanting figure) you would be in a position to never ever work in your life and if by the mercies from above you happen to win that OGADA money,am talking about ksh 231,000,000 (i can almost cry looking at that figure) you definitely do not need to work ever again.

With that kind of money you only need to buy the best financial advise in the market on how to take advantage of financial instruments such as treasury bills and bonds to generate substantial interests.

If you were to invest only ksh 50,000,000 from your pool of cash on treasury instruments you would be looking at in excess of ksh 4,000,000 in yearly interests that is ksh 330,000 per month to live on while still maintain your principle amount…..why work again ever….

Just look at how easy leading investment entities such as Cyntonn Investments and ICEA Lion make it look to convert your already a lot of monies into tycon level monies.

Betting has its related risks and it is always advisable to never risk or stake money that you cannot afford to loose and so we urge all our fellow prediction enthusiast to always bet smart but not to gamble.



Can gambling change your life

How to make money through football sports betting

Can gambling make you money and if yes how do you go about not loosing your shirt like all the other gamblers who have never received the elusive congratulations message.

Its simple.Treat sports betting just like any other business.All businesses have to abide by certain key principles such as cost of sale,profit and loss,margin and so on and if you apply these principles to sports betting as well you will be able to make profits from this soul swallowing en devour.

Principle 1:Margins/profits/Odds

The bookie provides odds but most do not understand how to leverage these odds to be a profitable gambler or greed takes over and they throw this critical principal out of the window.

Its not about how many odds you can stack onto your betting slip coz if kushinda ingekuwa kujaza odds on your betting slips then we would be all pushing over finches on the smooth Thika Road.Its all about understanding that every game offered by the bookie has a profit attached.

For example a game with 1.35 odds is actually offering you 35% profit on your stake which is mind blowing if you think about it in business terms.If you were selling shoes and were successfully making 35% profit on each shoe you sell your business would be extremely successful.

If you can get a single solid game everyday that has 1.35 odds on acceptable markets such as over 1.5 odds or double chances and stake KES 1000 each day it would mean you make KES 350 a day on a single game and KES 10,500 a month.Even if assumedly your success rate was 75% you would still end up with a profit of more than KES 3500 each month from a single game  per day of 1.35 odds

Principle 2:Risk managment

Do you know why the house always wins?Most of the time it is because of our greed.For every game that you add on your multibet you are reducing your probability of a win.

A single game when placed as a double chance offers you a probability of 66% statistically and with a little bit of research you can increase that probability.

Play it smart and limit the number of games you place on a single multibet to 4 or less for better chances.

You can as well try out our well researched highly successful daily multibets that offer 2.5 odds which is a 150% profit.

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How these gamblers are making KES 10,000 profit a week

Gamblers make KES 10,000 Daily,You will be surprised how they do it

Kenyan Gamblers have been looking for the perfect strategy to enable them get consistent daily winnings and this has seemed a pipe dream until now.

Guaranteed earnings from High odds multibets

We believe in ensuring that we provide value to our customers.As Multibet its not just about providing football betting tips,its more about ensuring that our customers find value in the tips provided and the only value we believe in is for our customers to win.

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Here is how you can ALWAYS win from our high odds multibets

All our high odd multibets contain 30 to 100 odds and are made up of 12 to 14 games.

To always make sure you earn we recommend that you split the long multibet provided into three or four smaller multibets.

For example when we provide a 50 odds multibet made up of 14 games the best way to play it is as below:

Step 1:Allocate a stake of ksh 400 for placing your bets

Step 2:Stake ksh 100 on the long multibet of 14 games which would give you winnings of ksh 5000 when it wins

Step 3:Break down the long multibet into three smaller multibets containing 4 games each which will give you minimum odds of 4.How you split the games is at your own discretion but we recommend that you split them in the order that they are arranged


As per the above illustration in the incident that there is  a loss on the multibet there is a high chance that it will not happen on all the smaller multibets. This provides a higher possibility of firstly returning the money you spent to buy the tips and the money you used to place the bets.

It will as well provide an opportunity to make additional profits even when the long multibet fails.

As evident below from our recent performance of high odd multibets that marginally missed winning those who place them with this methodology are almost guaranteed to walk away with profits.

It all about playing it smart and hedging your bets to ensure you always end up a winner

Results of recent high odd multibets that marginally missed