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We all know it’s never easy trusting someone on the internet. We live in a time where any Jack & Jill can easily assemble a website, brag about potential 100% returns on sportpesa jackpot predictions and bait thousands while at it. It takes balls of steel to trust a stranger behind a screen. Let’s face it, how many times have you bought guaranteed mega jackpot predictions from wanna-be sports gurus on the internet – only to come out with a sportpesa multibet slip full of losses? It’s easy for such quacks to boast about their jackpot predictions accuracy without really having any substantive methodology to base it on. Herein lies the difference. At we pride ourselves in our ability to carry out in-depth sportpesa jackpot and multibet prediction analysis. Our track record is exemplified by our numerous clients who just can’t get enough and their messages on our website click here, have been the fire that has kept us going.

At we breathe and live analytics in order to ensure that our daily and weekly sportpesa betting tips bring you as close to winning as is mathematically possible.

There’s nothing magical about you going from 100 to 45,000 (as was done by one of our members) by betting on our sportpesa betting picks. It’s as simple case of ruthless and most importantly emotionless analytics by our top-notch team. Our ability to identify and recognize patterns in sportpesa multibets and jackpot predictions offers you a unique if not unfair advantage. We pore through stacks of stat to come up with sports betting patternistic laws just for you. At multibet kenya we continue to enhance and fine-tune our methodology so as to provide you with the best possible picks in the sports betting world.

However, it is important to note that past results don’t necessarily guarantee future performance. Let’s be realistic, you will definitely not be cashing in 100% of the time from our sportpesa multi bet and jackpot predictions. In the world of sports, you always need to be prepared for the possibility of a loss or a string of losses. No sportpesa prediction analyst including ourselves, can guarantee winnings 100% of the time but, one indicator to success is always consistency and following instructions sent to you in our daily and weekly multibet and jackpot predictions. Tempting as it may be, adding a few games to the betslip is more likely to land you in the loser’s circle.

Let multibet Kenya do all the groundwork and determine for you the most valuable sportpesa betting positions to take every single day. Once you join us you will receive not only daily sportpesa betting tips, but access to various offerings like our 30-day challenge, week long multibet amongst various other products as well. See here. All you have to do is just join, bet on the picks that we’ve provided and let’s prosper together.

Our ever-growing family has been reaping benefits from our sportpesa jackpot predictions and daily betting tips and its finally your turn to stake your claim and get a piece of the pie. You will lose some but if you are persistent as well as possessing a commendable risk appetite, you are in the right place as we can guarantee that you will have a winning betslip more often than not.

Sportpesa games and their outcomes aren’t always predictable as with every sport, an element of luck exists. Think of It this way: if we were to ask you to play a game with involving a fair 6-sided dice. We offer to bet you ksh 100 that it’ll roll a 1 on the first try. Would that be a good bet for you to accept? Of course, it is! After all, you have a 1/6 chance to lose kshs 10, and 5/6 chance to win ksh100. What happens if the roller gets lucky and rolls 1 on the 1st try? You’ll lose your 100 bob but, it doesn’t change the fact that the bet itself was a good one for you to make.

This is an important concept for you to understand. as its such detailed mathematical analysis that we at multibet Kenya use to ensure our sportpesa betting tips and jackpot predictions offer a higher chance of positive returns. The key to profiting in the sportpesa betting world is persistence over the long-term.

Every pick we send you is relentlessly analyzed and rigorously researched. Simply put: we have to be thorough before sending out our daily and weekly sportpesa betting tips. With multibet Kenya, you cannot allow yourself to prematurely back down and curl up in a big ball of misery when losses occur. You will have losing days. In fact, you may have a series of consecutive losing days…which is why we have tailor made products such as the daily recovery bets available on to ensure that you get back to winning ways.

At multibet Kenya, we make winners.