Become a tipster


Kenyans have enthusiastically taken betting with data indicating that there are 4 million Kenyans plating betting tips daily.

There is a huge opportunity for genuine tipsters as the market is currently infested by scammers who are only after a quick buck.

The market is huge and no one person can dominate or monopolize it.

Why people buy tips

In this guide, we will show you

  • Why people buy tips
  • How to be a reliable tipster/consistency is key
  • How to Provide winning tips
  • How to reach gamblers and make them sign up
  • Best platform to reach gamblers
  • Most profitable tips/markets
  • Best websites for research
  • How to charge for your tips /pricing
  • How much you can make in a week
  • How to engage your audience
  • How much you need to start /cost breakdown

Why people buy tips

  • They have been losing day in day out and therefore don’t trust their own research
  • They want to compare before placing
  • They don’t have time or resources to conduct in-depth research into matches


The market is so huge that no one tipster can cover the whole of it .Kenyan gamblers are always willing to pay for great tips from consistent tipsters.

How to get the guide


Send Kshs 100 to Paybill 553491 account pdf  you will immediately receive a PIN to open the pdf


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