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Your chances of winning over a hundred million Kenyan shillings have returned with the return of the sportpesa mega jackpot on July  24, 2021.
Alternative jackpot options like Betway  and Betika have been available to players, but nothing presently compares to the sportpesa super prize.
Check out our predictions for this week as we attempt to win the bonuses once again like we did last week  

Let us win the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot bonus together .

Last week performance Sat-Sun 4/5  September  Performance


11/17 Bonus Nil 

Last week we barely missed the bonus by 1 game(Bonuses for 12 was Kshs 15,000 .We were super sure of the bonus but the last game Patronato parana vs Palleres ended up in a draw and made us miss out .We try again this weekend and aim to hit 13 .Good Luck and join us in trying .



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Sportpesa mega jackpot is back and aren’t we excited. Get your chance at a bonus this week with our highly confident jackpot predictions All predictions are sent automatically via SMS after payment.

This Saturday’s 28/8/21 Predictions are ready

Our team of experts undertake extensive research and leverage our in house algorithms to provide highly confident jackpot predictions.

Your chances of winning over Kenya shillings one hundred million is now back with sportpesa mega jackpot marking its return as from the 19th of December 2020.

Punters have had alternative jackpot offerings from shabiki and Betika but there is nothing that currently holds a candle to sportpesa mega jackpot.Although shabiki power 17 jackpot comes close with its 10 game bonus,the fact remains that the sportpesa mega jackpot grows its pot every week with KES 10 million which makes it more lucrative and more attractive especially if you have a solid formula to come up with sportpesa mega jackpot predictions.

Sportpesa mega jackpot is the only jackpot thus far in Kenya that offers a large pot while still offering reasonable bonus opportunities.If the whole shebang is not won this week not to worry you still have a chance the next week and even better the pot has grown by KES 10 Million,I get jitters just thinking about the prospects and excited to work on my sportpesa mega jackpots predictions algorithm in preparation of the weekend sportpesa mega jackpot.

Although all jackpots are extremely challenging and one punter in a million have come to enjoy the millions that the whole pot offers many participates have reaped hundreds of thousands to millions of shilling through bonus payouts especially those who have invested their time and energy in coming up with highly confident sportpesa mega jackpot predictions.

So how do you come up with a solid methodology for compiling sportpesa mega jackpot predictions?

First things first is that you need to understand that the sportpesa mega jackpot is nothing but a 17 fold multibet whose single limitation is that it only allows 3 way predictions (although you as well can have 3 way double chance options but these will cost you more per slip)

If you work the 17 games as a single problem, then physiologically you would be already defeated for mathematically winning the mega jackpot is almost impossible.

So how do you tackle a 17 fold multibet?The answer is one game at a time.Most people are intimidated by the sportpesa mega jackpot due the fact that you have been presented with 17 games and you have to correctly predict 12 games to just qualify for the lowest bonus level.As we have been doing this for quite a while you can be assured that we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we believe can aid you in creating winning sportpesa mega jackpot predictions.

Step 1: Dont look at the sportpesa mega jackpot games based on their numbered sequence but rather try and identify the most number of games that you can accurately predict. These can be teams you recognise or leagues that you recognize.

The trick is to identify those anchor games that you have an easier time identifying a possible outcome and the more games you can identify as your anchor games the better.

Our recommendation is for you to try and identify between 4 and 5 anchor games. Put all your research efforts in these games to ensure that you come up with an accurate a prediction as possible for each game

STEP 2: Create multibets of 4 to 5 games each from the sportpesa mega jackpot games. Create three categories i.e. easier, challenging and hard and allocate each game to one of these categories based on your confidence in the predicted outcome. Once you complete this exercise the easier category of games that will most probably be constituted of 4 to 5 games that can work as your anchor games.

The reason we make these categories is that it makes the next step easier.

STEP3: Come up with the most probable double chance outcome of the challenging and hard categories. Double chance predictions make your predicted outcomes most likely to win by a percentage of 66% meaning your probability of a loss has been reduced to 33%.

Now the trick here is not to do guess work just because you require double chance predictions. There are a magnitude of free and paid online platforms that can aid you in coming up with accurate double chance predictions. For example, last season the English premier league had less than 28 percent of the games played having an outcome of a draw. Eastern European leagues such as Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia have very few drawn games especially in their lower leagues.

On the other hand, there are numerous leagues that have a reputation of lower scoring teams and thus have a higher percentage of draws such as the Egyptian,Brazilian, Ecuadorian and Japanese leagues. You need to increase your knowledge in football by learning more about various aspects of football leagues, teams and league performances to better your predictive capabilities.

Below is sampled data from an online platform indicating probabilities of draws per league

Once you are able to accurately predict the most probable double chance outcome of a sportpesa mega jackpot game you will have to provide a percentage for each of the two double chance outcomes based on their probabilities. For example, a game between Liverpool and Manchester city, the most likely outcome is home or Away win but what is the percentage probability of a home win or an away win. Hypothetically it would be 40% on Liverpool win and 60% on Manchester city win based on historical data.

STEP 4: Compile your games based on research done into three to four betting slips. It is highly improbable that you will win a bonus with just one sportpesa mega jackpot prediction and if it happens it is pure luck and not sustainable. What we are looking for is to create a repeatable and sustainable formula for creating sportpesa mega jackpot predictions that give you a high chance at a bonus win.

Once you have done the heavy lifting through extensive research you now need to put the jiggle saw puzzle together.

  • First slip- Use the anchor game predictions and combine them with the predictions of the other double chance games that have a higher percentage.
  • Second slip- Use the anchor game predictions and combine them with the predictions of the other double chance games that have a lower percentage.
  • Third Slip-Use the anchor games and combine them with the predictions of the other double chance games while interchanging between the lower percentage and the higher percentage predicted outcomes.
  • Fourth Slip-Use the anchor game predictions and combine them with predictions of the other double chance games while interchanging between the higher percentage and the lower percentage predicted outcomes.

Always work to improve your sportpesa mega jackpot predictions formula as we do with every weekly outcome of the sportpesa mega jackpot


When we send the Mega Jackpot predictions, we usually send a free multibet with 5+ odds that compromises of Saturday and Sunday games. This has been very consistent as the games are carefully selected and played safe with mixed markets to bullet proof it. Over the last two months, the multibet has won 7 times making sure that our clients have made money during that period.


We undertake diligent analysis on all 17 mega jackpot matches.

We are however aware how challenging the mega jackpot is and as such we provide three predictions to cater for any unforeseen upsets.

To get the Mega jackpot bonus, you are required to correctly predict at least 12 of the 17 matches.Our target every week is to correctly predict between 13 and 15 games correctly out of 17 games on offer.


There are multiple variables that are taken into account when one is analysing football matches and trying to determine the most possible outcome of the match.The beauty about football is that mathematics or rather statistics play a critical part in predictions and due to the presence of historical data that is accumulated over time for every match a team plays there is adequate data available to build smart algorithms that process this data and provide a conclusion.

There are definitely some random aspects of football but we would say that over 70% of  dynamics within a football match are predictable up to a 90% accuracy so long as there is ample data to sample.

When we say data what exactly are we talking about? There are numerous data points available that one can use to build an efficient algorithm such as average goals scored and conceded per match,recent scoring and conceding form,injury lists,region of play if team is playing away,transfer news,are the teams playing for a critical result such as advancement in a competition or avoidance of relegation and so on.

We leverage numerous data points in our algorithm to provide as accurate a prediction as possible on all the jackpots that we provide including the mega jackpot predictions.


Matches Prediction
Mirandes – Rayo Vallecano 2
Genoa – Bologna 2
Malaga – Real Oviedo X
RB Leipzig – Borussia Dortmund 1
Cercle Brugge – Eupen 1
Oostende – Charleroi 2
Reims – St. Etienne 1
Metz – Nice 1
Boavista FC – Santa Clara X
Roma – Inter 2
SV Darmstadt – Hannover 1
Mechelen – Royal Antwerp 2
Sporting Farense – Gil Vicente 1
Kfco Wilrijk – KAA Gent 1
Cadiz CF – Alaves X
Valladolid – Valencia 1
Belenenses – Pacos Ferreira X


GAMES Matches Slip 1 Slip 2 Slip 3 COMMENTARY
1 Bristol Rovers – Oxford Utd 1 1 2 Both teams have poor form overall but Bristol has had better luck in the scoring department
2 Rotherham – Derby 1 X 1 Both teams have extremely poor form but Rotherham has a large average of goals scored and a lower average of goals conceded.They have won a third of their home matches so a draw is likely here
3 Forest Green – Carlisle 1 1 X Forest green are the favourites on this match up due to their better home form and 50% wins while home.The outlieir on this one is a possible draw
4 Sheffield Wed – Coventry X X 2 Two teams with extremely poor form that have not faced each other since 2010.There is a more than 40% chance that this game is going to close out with a draw due to the lower scoring and low conceding nature of the teams
5 AFC Wimbledon – Crewe 1 2 1  
6 Plymouth – MK Dons 1 2 1 Plymouth argyle are the favourites to win this match having won more that 50% of their home matches but have had a rough time while playing away indicating that the team still has some holes
7 Millwall – Nottingham 1 1 2  
8 Stoke City – Blackburn 1 X 1 A difficult match to call.A draw is likely in this match as both teams appear to have similar overall form but stoke will have the home advantage and the fact that they have won 44% of home matches againts blackburn’s 33% wins on away matches
9 Accrington – Blackpool 1 1 2  
10 Walsall – Port Vale 2 2 1  
11 Sparta Rotterdam – Groningen 2 1 2 Sparta rotterdam appear to be in better form and have the home advantage factor in their favour
12 Everton – Arsenal 1 2 1 With Arsenal’s recent poor form and Everton’s recent wins over some of the big four EPL teams they are in favour of a good result here
13 Newcastle – Fulham 1 1 1  
14 Vitesse Arnhem – Feyenoord 1 1 X Both teams have similar form and goal scoring capability but we believe the home advantage will play a big part in this match
15 Sonderjyske – Randers FC 1 1 1  
16 SC Freiburg – Hertha BSC 2 X X With similar poor form and a precoursor for draws the high probability outcome for this game is a draw with the outlier being an away win
17 Granada – Betis 1 1 X Granada is the team with the better overall form in this match up but they have only won 50% of their home matches so a draw is likely


Ilves Tampere – HJK HelsinkiAWAY WIN OR DRAW
KPV Kokkola – Seinajoen JKAWAY WIN
VPS Vaasa – LahtiHOME WIN
Wisla Krakow – Slask WroclawHOME WIN
GKS Piast Gliwice – Lech PoznanAWAY WIN
FC Rostov – Spartak MoscowAWAY WIN
San Luis – UNAM PumasDRAW
CF Pachuca – Club LeonHOME WIN
Club America – CF MonterreyHOME WIN
Club Necaxa – Cruz AzulDRAW
Ural Yekaterinburg – Akhmat GroznyDRAW
Uerdingen – HallescherHOME WIN
Mjallby – Halmstads BKHOME OR AWAY WIN
Zaglebie Lubin – CracoviaHOME OR AWAY WIN
Inter Turku – HonkaAWAY WIN
CS Studentesc Iasi – Astra GiurgiuHOME WIN
Dinamo Bucuresti – CS U CraiovaHOME WIN

Simple methodology that will aid your analysis of each Sportpesa’s mega jackpot 17 games.

Football analysis is all about crunching of data to assess the probability of an outcome and the same applies to the 17 games in the sportpesa mega jackpot. Below we will highlight an easy to follow strategy that you can use when you cannot afford to invest in proper infrastructure to run predictive algorithms.

All the data used on this example has been accessed from platforms that charge USD 50 or less to access crunched data with some data coming from free sites that provide basic football historical data.

We will sample a champoinsip game that we will use to highlight the various steps of the methodology. You should be able to replicate the same on other games

NB: Please note that we enhance this methodology with in house algorithms that are supported by technology to crunch larger sets of data points for higher accuracy.

Blackburn vs Cardiff.

This is an English championship game that pits relegated from premium league Cardiff with the mid-table team Blackburn. The first data set that you need to look at is form. Form simply means the recent performance of the teams and we are able to derive the teams current attacking and defending capabilities. Always concentrate on the last 5 games played as the more recent the data referenced the higher your chance of accuracy.

Form in the Last 5 games

What we are looking for in form is an indication of whether the team has been losing, winning or drawing. Preference is always looking for unevenly matched teams in terms of form where one time has won a large portion of their games and the other has lost a large portion of their games but the sportpesa mega jackpot games might not playing out like that but the same strategy can be used when analyzing multibets as well

Blackburn form at home last 5 games

Blackburn form at away last 5 games

From the sampld game we now have a clearer view of the teams’ forms indicating that Blackburn seems to be able to hold their own while at home while Cardiff appear to have defensive woes while at away.

Another data set that you can use is the head to head. In this instance we will look at head to head stats for the teams’ last 5 encounters. Please note that although the H2H gives you an idea of how the teams fair while playing each other we should concentrate on the most recent data as various dynamics change in teams when transfers and retirement of players happen that may negate the H2H data

You can then consider looking at average goals scored and average goals conceded.

Average goals scored gives you an idea of the attacking prowess of the teams for higher goals scored indicates higher striking power and vice versa.

Average goals conceded gives you an idea of the defensive strengths of the teams for high goals conceded means lower defensive strength and vice versa.

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