Jackpot Predictions this Week

We provide the most accurate predictions for the sportpesa mega jackpot .we have won the jackpot bonus three times and we are sure to repeat the feat again this year .

If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and when to call it quits. At multibet Kenya, we strive to be fair, personal and open with information that you will find very had to come by on any other betting site.

We seek to constantly improve your knowledge when it comes to the jackpot predictions this week.  Our team of dedicated analysts have been crunching the numbers to ensure that we furnish you with the best possible combination of bett9ng tips in order to tip the odds in your favor.

Responsible gaming is at the heart of our values. With the exception of a few very lucky players (and a few who are lucky enough to win the sportpesa jackpot), around 80% of players will lose money on their bets over time. It is possible that some betting tips companies will try to give you a different impression through some over the top marketing campaigns, but in fact the house always has the numbers on its side and over time ends up winning, or what you’ve probably heard as ‘the house always wins.’ Thus, we implore that you look at betting as entertainment first and foremost and have some fun. If our jackpot predictions this week don’t come through, there’s always the chance of you winning a bonus. We always miss the shots we don’t take.

We also have the daily recovery bets just to act as buffer ready to launch you up once again. Betting without any mathematical justification may work but why risk it. Intuition or gut feeling alone can only get you so far.

The most successful bettors from our research more often than not tend to be the ones that have no inclination to ‘pick the winners.’ Funny enough they are never even really interested in the actual even either. It’s the ruthless and methodical approach that has proven to actually work.

This is where we come in, the jackpot predictions this week are a result of a rigorous and emotionless process which is what we love to do.

We also offer free bets every single day . Our various products such as the 30-day challenge, week-long bet amongst others: see here, ensures that we have something for everyone on any given day jackpot predictions of the week aside.

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  • Enter amount KES 99 and confirm
  • The predictions will be shared via sms automatically without delay
  • Contact us on mobile +254718981122 or chat in case of any issues

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